It's nearly . Don't let the door-crashers convince you to buy a smart TV

@levisan Great advice, but it's extremely hard to find a large dumb TV these days. Seriously, everything I've seen has some form of internet connectivity :(

@phoenix My current TV is 7 years old and I'm just holding out for a good deal on buying a used one from someone who thinks that getting a smart TV is an upgrade in their life

@phoenix @levisan Wal mart just had a deal on a 65" LED dumb TV for around $300. An over 50% markdown.

There will be a huge clearance push on all existing TV sets this season as the new ATSC v3.0 tuners come out in January and the top 10 US markets gear up to broadcast the next Superbowl in 4K HD. Then ATSC V1.0 tuners will have only 4 years of lifespan left.

@phoenix @levisan But many of them will still work if you don't connect them to the Internet. And a large computer monitor will also work as a TV.

@levisan 100%. My microwave told me to beat it because Samsung "doesn't support Stouffer's plastic tray's smart O/S"

@levisan Regarding the article. The advice on other types of "smart" devices is even better. A thermostat, for example, can last decades, but a "smart" thermostat will be abandoned in a couple of years and become a security vulnerability with no updates. At best, you need to buy a new one ever five years. Smart doorbells are even worse. Paying to install state surveillance in your home.

@Limax Yeah, that's a great point! Our house's thermostat is relatively new (30 years) but still works great, and the only downside is having to manually tell it when you'll be out/home. I originally wrote the article in response to my mom asking if a particular deal on a TV was a good one, but a more general smart product rant is needed.

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