‪Found some badges from my days in Scouts at around the turn of the century. I do really wonder how good my Dutch had to be to get this one as I can barely say I speak Dutch now, let alone as a pre-teen. ‬

My current Dutch proficiency is at a point where a native Dutch adult probably has better English speaking than my Dutch speaking, but I can carry on a decent conversation with kids. My listened understanding is leaps and bounds ahead of my speaking ability.

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@levisan What was this badge/patch for? Where was this Souting troop? In NL or elsewhere?
I was in the Scouts in Belgium for about 10-12 years, never had any such badge.


@wdelaet this would have been in Canada when I was probably 9 years old. Talking to friends with kids in Scouts now, I probably got it by providing a letter from my Dutch teacher (my dad).


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