"If all truths must be scientifically verified, then the claim that all truths must be scientifically verified must be scientifically verified. And it isn't!"

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@thatfightnerd Yep, you could interpret it that way, but I would argue that his statement is different Bertrand Russel's illustration about the burden of proof.

Criticism, a bad word :( 

@levisan How to try to come off as a profound philosopher but end up coming off as a guy who's trying to manipulate people who are losing their faith into suspending their disbelief by using misleading arguments.

Can't have people thinking for themselves instead of kissing the church's ass, can we?

Criticism, a bad word :( 

@Lofenyy I didn't know that quoting someone makes me come off (or look like I'm trying to come off) as a profound philosopher. I should do that more often!

@levisan "What if science is actually A POOPY!!" - This video in a nutshell.

@Lofenyy I love a good reductio ad absurdum with my morning tea

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