Today in interesting traffic features: the round-a-peanut!

Coordinates: 51.016158, -114.118122

@levisan At the top it appears like one company didn't move out of the way (yet).

@levisan Or a "dog bone" roundabout...
The dog bone design is pretty common in the small mountain towns in Colorado.

The town of Avon CO has five in a row - two next to the Interstate 10 highway, two in town, and one connecting the old US 6 highway.

@levisan there's actually a name for roundabout intersections like (but not entirely identical to) this, where it's peanut shaped. I just can't remember what it is...

@levisan They are building something similar in my town.

@DoubleTap @levisan So it's basically a rotary or roundabout that is incomplete?

We have a diverging diamond, which surprisingly is easy to get thru

@sirphenom @levisan This is what they are maki g. They call it a Diverging Diamond Interchange.

@DoubleTap @levisan this one is only the second one in Wisconsin ... it’s surprisingly efficient and you can get thru it quicker than with traditional turn lanes

@sirphenom @levisan I’m glad they are finally getting a bit more creative at highway design.

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