Good thing that school banned that series of books. Maybe it'll get kids to read a more diverse range of fiction. I never read them as a kid, not because my parents said they were bad, but because I was busy reading the books that I wanted, and not what everyone else was reading.

I would much rather have a school have a very small library of outstanding books that they would endorse each of than a collection of works that are "meh" or could potentially lead people the wrong way. It's not their job to be a library of everything.

In the end, if a kid at a school wants to read something the school doesn't have, it's not like they're going to have issues getting a copy of it.

@levisan True - looked at the thread but didn't see, what books are you referring to?!

@sirphenom A certain series about a boy with a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead who is an absolute social luddite but manages to save the world. I was attempting to comment on the issue without providing additional buzz-marketing to the brand, as it's been trending on the tweeter this week...

@levisan @sirphenom is this about the school Nashville banning them? I hadn’t seen any news about it except locally


@benderb Yeah. That's interesting, because I feel like I've been seeing the story everywhere this week.

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