@levisan When I originally clicked on it, I got the attached "warning" - verified my humanity as I was curious what it looked like.

Looking to buy a house sometime, but likely in the Lower 48 - but it looks like a lovely neighbourhood! 😀

@sirphenom Wow, that's quite the shocking message! Glad to hear you're still human.

@levisan I mean I didn't prick my finger to see if red liquid (or green) came out, but I am guessing I am...

@levisan Five bedrooms and only one bathroom? I didn't know that a town called "Legal, Alberta" existed much less that it was a part of communist Russia!

@Greycoop Yeah, the one bathroom is weird. It seems the owners, at some point, developed the basement but didn't put a bathroom in where they should have (like our house has). And yeah, it has a funny name. (It's pronounced luh-GAL, and was founded by French immigrants.)

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