A bug in my bank's mobile app cost me $90 in bank fees, and it took me two hours on the phone, being hung up on, and being locked out of online banking for them to give my money back. They refused to address the bug whatsoever.

@levisan OK. You will have other people stating the obvious. I'll pass on that.
I hate dealing with institutions like banks. $90 is too much to loose.

@yukiame Looking forward to renewing my mortgage one day in the future with a Bitcoin-based lender... maybe

@levisan nah you sell your Bitcoin und pay off the Mortgage ofcourse

@levisan your wife will find you way more attractive when you are Mortgage free

@3arn0wl I was planning on switching to the bank my mortgage is at just for convenience’s sake, but now I can do it out of spite, which is way more satisfying.

:) They just don't deserve your custom... and the best way to respond to poor service, is to hit them where it will hurt them the most. People do tend to be reluctant to change banks for some reason though @levisan
Which bank? Name & shame. Warn others.
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