I was born and raised near Vancouver, BC, Canada and moved to the Edmonton, Alberta area when I got married. We now live in a small town of 1,500, 45 minutes north of Edmonton.

I got married in 2013 and we currently have two girls and a boy, plus an annoying dog.

In 2018, my wife and I both converted to Catholicism, having been affiliated with various Protestant churches since birth. (More on that here: levisan.me/blog/logical-journe)

My political affiliations are somewhat uncommon for the various demographics that apply to me, and I have a hard time labelling them in a few hundred characters.

My predominant cultural heritage is Dutch, and I try to keep some of that sticking around. I have a decent understanding of the Dutch language and continue to improve it.

You can pronounce my last name with English rules which sounds like my forefathers ran a dog-breeding business, or the correct way with Dutch rules, 'Bray-der-lawnd, which means "wider land".


I'm a "solopreneur" (as much as I dislike that term) and spend my work days building websites, producing various forms of digital media, and consulting in related fields.

When I have spare time and not doing something with the family, I'm brewing kombucha, shooting photos with cameras that don't have batteries, practising my voice-acting skills, or reading a book.

@levisan Where and how do you primarily find customers?

@ExExEx 80% or more of my work these days is subcontracting for larger agencies, which really simplifies the process of finding work! The remaining 20% are smaller clients who wouldn't have the budget for an agency-level project and tend to come as referrals from friends or from those agencies themselves.

@levisan Hmm what can I google to find some of these agencies? I'd love to get some js and html work.

@ExExEx the majority of my work and the agencies I work with strongly market themselves as Catholic and have a Catholic target market, so they're all connected with catholicprofessionals.net/

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