Our new home has a pocket door between the master bedroom and the upstairs bathroom.

Which side should the lock be on?

Locking from the bathroom would allow a guest to prevent a host from accidentally entering the loo while its in use, but allow a guest to easily snoop in the hosts' bedroom.

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Locking from the bedroom would allow for the (low) chance of a host barging in on the WC, but would nearly negate the chance of a guest entering the master bedroom.

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It's currently set up to lock from the bathroom, but I'm thinking of switching it. I'm torn.

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I suppose being able to lock on both sides would be the best of both worlds (though it would require me finding a new latch/lock at the hardware store that allows for that) as the only downside would be having to walk "the long way" every once in a while to unlock the other side.

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It's awkward as I don't want a mischievous visitor to snoop but I also don't want a guest to feel like I might suddenly open the pocket door from the bedroom side.

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