Album of the week: Symphony for the Old World by Flairck

@levisan Wow. That name suddenly took me back a couple of decades. Think I had their album Gevecht met de engel on tape back then.

@MartinJJ Nice! It was/is my dad's favourite group from his, and I recently tracked down their entire discography for him (he only had two CDs) and realized how much I enjoy it as well.

@levisan They where pretty popular around the '80s in between all the pop and rock bands. A quick google search shows me they appearantly are still performing lately. Not sure if they are the original band.

@MartinJJ If I understand correctly, they recently replaced the performing team with millennials, but they're still doing *something* at least. It might just be targeted at the old fanbase, as I haven't heard anything of any new recordings in the works.

@levisan The original band as I remember them. The Visser brothers and Judy Schomper.

It's from the days also guys like guitarplayer Harry Sacksioni where very popular.

@MartinJJ haha I'm pretty sure Sacksioni is my dad's #2 favourite musician

@levisan I just peeked at your profile. Are you canadian from dutch decent or something? Your father must have been in gitmo nation lowlands back then to even know them.

@MartinJJ Yeah, my dad was born and grew up just south of Rotterdam (Zuidland, to be precise) at the same time @adam was there, and even had his own little pirate radio broadcast on the weekends for a while. He moved out here to marry my mom, a mixed-heritage American. Us three kids were all born in Canada but registered as Dutch born abroad, so we legally have Dutch citizenship.

@levisan Ask him how long his hair was back then 🤣

I suppose you are officially a Canadian also than. What's the benefit of still having Dutch citizenship? In case you ever want to go here? Ever been here for longer periods of time? Even speak Dutch? How did you know about that music? Did he tell you?

Sorry for me being nosey. Just curious.

@MartinJJ Being Dutch as well doesn't have much benefit here, but I did a year of school in 🇬🇧 and didn't need a visa, and my brother's doing 4 years of school in Den Bosch as a Dutchman. Because he's not a foreigner, the costs are different and it'll actually end up being cheaper, including flights and living expenses, than similar schooling here, because of the various government funding.

@MartinJJ I've been in Holland, on average, once every three years, with the longest period being 6 weeks, as a 10 year old (we rented a house). I know enough Dutch to have spoken conversation with a kid, and I can understand enough to follow everyday conversations if I pay attention. Reading/writing is a bit more difficult, but it was good enough to meet the requirements of having taken a second language in high school here (instead of French).

@MartinJJ I know about my dad's music choices because he stopped finding "new" music when he left the country pretty much, so all his favourites are 70s/80s and a lot are Dutch.

@levisan That's actually pretty funny. Almost like a museum of music frozen in time from an era I grew up in also. 😎

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