I'm trying to sort the music I regularly listen to into playlists based on mood/usage and that kind of thing. Basically, the modern version of a mixtape. In this age of "AI" picking what we should listen to, I think it's becoming a lost art.

If this were the 90's or my car had a tape deck, I'd be putting them on cassettes

@levisan funny, I created a playlist called "The Lost Art of Mix Tapes." And yes, I occasionally create playlists designed to fit on C90 cassettes.

@PhoneBoy nice! I nearly bought a car that had a tape deck a few years ago and I definitely got me on a kick of coming up with the perfect 45 minute mix for different moods

@levisan Not AI, just a metadata search for tags based on criteria. No new criteria for such a search is being developed autonomously, so no AI.

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