Once Operation Buy-a-House, which is currently taking every spare penny, is a success, I really need to focus some value for value to @adam and @Johncdvorak and get around to becoming a knight. (@willcodeforcoffee every time you donate you make me feel guilty!)

@levisan @adam @Johncdvorak @willcodeforcoffee buying a house makes the wallet attack a permanent war ... you'll be like the Pentagon but just without the cash ...

@mcread @adam @Johncdvorak @willcodeforcoffee The crazy thing is that mortgage+taxes+savings for repairs/improvements for a house that'll fit us+room to grow will be 75% of what renting something that just fits us as a family now. It's a good time to buy in our area!

@mcread @levisan In Alberta/Edmonton Area its still not yet a great time to buy but it is getting better. And interest rates are staying low for a little bit longer which helps a buyer.

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