Is it wrong to brag that it's been 26 hours and he still hasn't cried?

Congrats @levisan !

So are you going to pick its gender, let it/ze pick it, or go with the default? 🤣

@sirphenom he was waving his front stick around so I think he's already a toxic male

@levisan Then his white privilege will kick in soon... next thing he will want to wear a MAGA beanie home from the hospital!

@sirphenom That would be really hilarious... except he was born at home (and that wasn't by accident)

@levisan SEE... I exercised my white privilege by assuming they were born in a hospital!

Now I am going to tell my daughters they can't work in technology when they grow up... 😂

@levisan Hooray! Congratulations to you and your wife!

@levisan only if we get to point to this tweet every single time he does for the next 5 years

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