In which I go through a bunch of SMS-replacement apps and tell you which is the best

@levisan what was the verdict on the apps? Did your family like one? I'm mostly using WhatsApp and Google Hangouts atm.

@willcodeforcoffee The one I suggested, and that we've used for the past year, is Signal. Not my favourite, but getting people to switch to something else is a challenge. I'd do Wire if I were to suggest a new one, or Keybase if I wanted more than just messaging.

@levisan I tried Signal once and it decided to tell anyone who had be in their address book to start messaging me.
I wasn't impressed!

@willcodeforcoffee ew! Well thankfully it hasn't done that to us... but my dad hates it because you can only send one photo at a time

@levisan that made me laugh, but on the other hand I can see where that would be an important limitation...!

@willcodeforcoffee I personally don't mind my parents not sending the equivalent of a whole roll of film every time they do something interesting, but yeah, it is a weird limitation

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