A lot of people are saying the should be able to override a phone's silent mode. I somewhat disagree.

If it had the ability to override silent mode or do-not-disturb, I'd hope they use their discretion depending on the type of alert.

I wouldn't mind being woken up in the middle of the night if I'd die had I stayed asleep, but waking me up for something like a fire that might effect me in a few days is a different story.

If it could make noise when a phone is in silent, or cause it to vibrate when in do-not-disturb, I would want the alert happen in steps.

First, just display on the screen. If it's not dismissed or acknowledged in some way, then vibrate, and so on.

That way, if your phone is set to not make noise or vibrate because you really didn't want it to for some reason, you're not ruining something because of a province-wide air quality notice.

@TurdFerguson a little, yeah. I'm okay with it, assuming I'm understanding how it works correctly. It's just a bulk push notification to all devices that are connected to the cell network (and customized based on where, physically, they are connected), so it's no more big brother than everything they can already do if you're on the network.

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