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Just remembered seeing a post saying "stop what you're doing and take a picture of your WFH setup" last night so here you go.

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I love the dig against the library in downtown Edmonton in here.

"Nothing says love of learning like a garden shed cosplaying as an imperial star destroyer"

Send me No Agenda catchphrases that would work as election slogans?

(or just send your cash)

The hope that he could be talking about backyard nukes is a fool's errand, yes? Well, I'm sticking with it.

Theoretical computer-buying question:

You have a large photo library and your current Mac is really slow while working with it. You decide to replace it.

You have $x00 more than the base model costs.

How would you spend it, considering the photo management use-case?

I don't frequently take pictures of plumbing connectors, but when I do, they are about as noir as one could get.

(No edits save for knocking it into greyscale.)

What does Parler have that the fediverse doesn't that's getting everyone on the bird side talking about it and/or telling me to sign up?

For those of you who listen to The Best Podcast In The Universe,
@noagendashownoteslinks is a must-follow.

If anyone has a hardware suggestion for analogue->digital video conversion, now would be a great time to share them.

Gotta get the childhood family videos in a viewable format one of these days.

I read White Fragility before it was cool.

I think it was a good discussion starter but definitely is a bit too extremist if believed/followed to the letter. Still, worth at least skimming so you know what everyone else is talking about.

If nothing else, @MoeFactz and @adam's discussion is a good starting point:

A year ago, I started using random song lyrics as titles for my bike rides logged in Strava. Looking back, it was a nicely poetic descision.

I'm glad to see that *someone* is willing to discuss bad arguments for Communion on the tongue.

Discovered while looking for a good way to make fun of someone using gematria to "prove" someone was evil and well, my work here is done. #33

Does anyone know of a way to contact the awesome producer behind I'm trying to figure out the best way to get some shipped up to the Candanavian tundra

Anyone know if it's possible to get an RSS feed for a "List" in Mastodon?

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