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Shot some photos at my dad's hothouse last week.

Take Your Pills is a very interesting documentary. Gotta love when my to-watch list actually matches with my wife's. Thanks for the suggestion in the morning, @adam!

TFW you try logging in to your Flickr account and all hell breaks loose.

I like the fact that we'll have Viola Desmond on a bill (haven't read that much about it but it sounds like a good move) but why is the bill in a portrait layout? Now it won't match the rest of the money!

Might just go to a local Saturday vigil Mass, but going to a small parish in the mountains would be neat.

When you’re planning a road trip that will happen on a Sunday and you’re Catholic, it pays to have some spreadsheet skills.

How distantly related is your closest ancestor that is a war veteran?

Mine was my grandfather, who was in the US forces during the Vietnam war.

4 year old: “Dad, can you finish my French toast? I’m full.” “That’s an English muffin. You’re getting your cultural appropriations mixed up.”

If you were suddenly granted 8 hours a week of free time that you could do anything with, what would you do with it? (Assuming your "adulting" responsibilities are all taken care of.)

New podcast discovery, looking at economic issues from a Christian perspective, from
and co.

Someone just called and in their little intro moment, before I said anything, said "How're you doing?" twice.

While sorting by the time posted is nice, I'd love to have an alternate view, with the people sorted by how often I check out what they have to say. The same could be done with following of hashtags (like on Instagram) or trends giving another form of discovery.

I want an interface/app for platforms like Twitter and Mastodon that shows a list of everyone that I follow whom have unseen posts, allowing me to pick a person and then see their posts. Kinda like how Snapchat and Instagram display stories.

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