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“Homeschooling is vital to rescuing a culture that has gone mad.”

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"I'm going to watch the tulips grow."

Cropped out of the photo: her little brother, sitting naked at the window above, also watching.

If Linus had only launched his brainchild a week-and-a-bit later, we could have been birthday buddies.

The awkwardest part of Alberta's new rules is that it requires individuals to ask others of their vaccination status (in order to allow them into their home for a social gathering).

Sounds like Alberta is going to do 1/3 capacity again, but businesses can opt in to a vaccine-verification system and then have no capacity limit. This will get very interesting.

Hearing job-mandated jabbing makes me feel hashtag blessed that my employer is in the right dimensh

@Bearclaw @shill
Part of the long game:

-Have a stable marriage (which means humbling one's self and putting up with the other's shit sometimes, because he/she is also putting up with yours)

-Have lots of kids


-Find your Faith. Likely not a popular suggestion, but the fact is one must have something to fight FOR and not just against. Not saying be stupid about it, but it's worth seriously considering and investigating.

-Give up watching / patronizing sports ball.

It may only be a 5-band, but I never thought I'd appreciate having a physical EQ within arm's reach

I have pitched the boss on the idea of having our home school department (we're a school district with one small physical school and home schooling families all over the province) produce a podcast about podcasting. When she found out that I "can do everything short of coming up with what to say" she was all in on the idea.

If you're at all remotely interested in the concept, I'd love to hear your thoughts and what you think it would need to be good.

Political parties are exempt from the anti-spam rules here and it's getting annoying.

If this wasn't Louis C.K. talking about how cell phones are bad, I think a lot more people would be willing to learn something from what he has to say.

It must have been busy the past three weeks, I have over 9 hours of Jonsi the Voar and Adamk Hurry to listen to

Wife: books appointment
Office: calls 10 days before as a reminder, and says you must be "fully vaccinated" to not have to do the appointment via Zoom

How nice, they provide insufficient notice for even someone who has had the first dose to get "fully vaccinated" in time for the appointment (since that is defined as 14 days after the second shot), let alone someone who hasn't got the first shot, since it's at least six weeks from the first shot to "fully vaccinated" status.

Android friends, I need an app or two for PDF filling/signing to recommend to cow-orkers. Maybe one free and one paid?

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