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Trying to reduce the time on the sosh nets, so unfollowing some people here, as hard as that can be. Please don't be offended!

I'm one of those "I have to read everything in my feed(s)" people so I'd rather have a shorter feed and see it all than a longer feed but miss out on something.

I reached out to an ISP to see if they provided service in my area. They said no, but they would "CIRCLE BACK" if things changed. I'm not sure if that's a good sign or not.

Signing your emails with your credentials is nice when you're a PhD or something, but when all you've got a Bachelor's in communication? Really?

I like the idea of Satoshi-based micropayments, but what happens if the exchange rate to fiat changes so astronomically that instead of it being a fraction of a cent, it becomes multiple cents or even dollars?

Would people start transitioning to a different currency as the inflation makes the concept less and less accessible?

Is the "helicopter" thing on the new Martian rover the first non-rocket heavier-than-air aircraft to fly extraterrestrially? If not, what was?

Continued the personal tradition of watching Wag the Dog once per American presidency. Three times in, still a great film.

Did your childhood match the "cobbler's children have no shoes" proverb?

My parents never had any houseplants until after they sold their farm, which had 10 acres of plants growing indoors.

Single-click/tap affirmation reactions are worthless

like if you agree

Why wasn't Herbie the Love Bug in any of the Cars films?

What is this, a new episode of Maps with @SirMathieu? Today keeps getting better!

No, I don't mentally keep a tally of people's usage of archaic/obscure language. Who would do that?!

I have a hard time picking favourites in the video forms of media because of the broad overlapping categories (single film vs film series vs cinematic universe vs TV show etc) but if I had to pick a single "product" as the best of them all, it would be the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Dutch people are the best

Why The Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships Are Difficult And Amazing

Me: I like this new YouTube interface. Less annoying suggestions and such.

Also me: You added a bunch of content filters to your browser to clean things up yesterday.

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