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Shocked myself to find that I have more published food-related articles than politics ones.

I've had Nessun Dorma stuck in my head all week and I'm totally okay with that.

Watching 1995's Balto with the kids, and it's really making me want a historically-accurate live-action film retelling of the story.

People with hyphenated last names thanks to your parents: what is your plan to do with your name if you get married? What about your future kids' names?

Someone fell asleep listening to the new album but trust me, it’s not boring. He just didn’t sleep half the night…

Real nerds celebrate on 22/7, for more accurate numbering and a reduction in marketing that stereotypes them.

Once Operation Buy-a-House, which is currently taking every spare penny, is a success, I really need to focus some value for value to @adam and @Johncdvorak and get around to becoming a knight. (@willcodeforcoffee every time you donate you make me feel guilty!)

If your only two size options are "large" and "medium", you should rethink your nomenclature.

Unless of course you're using sizes that are comparable to other options on the market.

Ayn Rand haters are trending, apparently. Better keep to myself.


In my to-read list, I make notes of who suggested the book. Flannery O'Connor's works are currently noted as "Suggested by Matt Fradd, Bishop Barron, and basically everyone else"

Catholics: what was the most memorable Mass you ever attended? Why that one?

I must say is the best kind of person because no one else would give a prized possession such as this.

Can employees even English capitalize?

Also, three phone calls, each time answered and correctly reported the verification code to have it unwittingly rejected, is "too many"

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