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I work as the sole Dude Named Ben for the largest homeschooling authority in Alberta, Canada.

If anyone is curious how things work here, or is interested in giving it a try, I can explain and point you to further resources. Just ask!

Most drinks that used to be something tea/cocktail based and are now available ready-to-drink in your local supermarket are lame shadows of their former selves.

Will we see a nuclear weapon used in war in our lifetime?

Once, someone told me that I lived under a rock because I didn't know a certain pop-culture reference.

Nay, I say. We all live under different rocks.

In the weeks after my last child was born, I didn't have parental leave because I was my own boss. Had an appointment with our midwife, whom we were lucky to get because they're in short supply (because of lack of funding from the system), bought groceries at an understocked store, and walked through a residential neighbourhood with no sidewalks to a playground clearly showing it's age. Our experiences vary in "communist Canada".

If @adam says the Christian concept of God has more evidence than moon landing conspiracies, that is quite the stamp of approval

I'm working on a presentation for parents about internet safety, protecting the kids while they surf, educating them to make wise decisions while online, and all that kind of stuff.

Hit me with your best resources, hard/software, and anything else you might have. I'll have a potential audience of 2500 families (between all the ways it'll be published) of varying opinions so I'd like to address as many angles as possible.

I don't like making "memes" because I always feel like someone else has come up with the idea already. But I haven't seen this one, so I had to do it.

So many "roll your dice, move your mice" board games would be better (i.e. more fair) if there was one player token and it represented all players. But that would be worse (i.e. less fun).

Fair isn't fun.

Happy regular work Monday to all my Commonwealth friends

Here’s your unsolicited reminder that dictionaries do not prescribe, they describe.

You say "if we're going to invent time travel in the future, why haven't we seen time travellers?"

What, you think they'd be so daft as to tell you about it?

The habit of government legislation to make certain jobs and industries to feel like an inhuman service (or worse, a "right") never ceases to weird me out.

One of my greatest fears at this stage in life is that my wife will pick up a piece of Lego, not realise what it is, and throw it away.

At first I was all "I'm going to stop saying 'rain cheque' because it's from baseball and baseball is lame" but now that I've found a Wikipedia list of idioms from baseball, because there's just so many of them, I have rescinded that opinion.

Childproofing a lighter by stopping spark generation and still allowing butane flow is kinda dumb.

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