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This web-focused Dude Named Levi (who wears lots of Levi's clothing) could use some work and/or job karma.

More about what I do here:

Should I make the opener from NA 1297 my new notification tone?

"Your religion doesn’t exist to amuse you. Your religion is an emersion into the death and resurrection of the second person of the divine trinity which was necessary for the expiation of human evil. I don't know how you look at something that and say, 'Well, as long as they’re playing my kind of music...'"
— @[email protected]

I’m not a big age landmark person because it’s mostly arbitrary but she’s magic number days old today so that’s toot-worthy.

Wrote a bit on the differences between selling on Etsy vs running your own webstore.

Videoconferencing systems like Zoom should use facial detection to align faces, so when the talking person changes, you're still looking at the same spot on the screen

Updated my "how trad are you?" quiz with a question about the Second Vatican Council

"n word" 

Why is it that whenever we talk about "nigger" we have to say "n word" but it's totally okay to talk about "fuck" by saying it?

And this is being asked by someone who's vulgar word count would rarely get a PG rating.

It makes me want to question everyone who says "n word" by saying, "What n word are you talking about?"

Sometimes, I just wish I could just listen to good music all day and get paid for the little comments like "oh that was a good riff" and such I make throughout the process.

This is the kind of song that you can't truly enjoy when it's played in the background. You need to devote your full attention to it.

I've found that when I find someone who agrees with my thoughts on a film, they're more likely to suggest films that I like in the future.

Idea of an expansion of the Rotten Tomatoes idea: users rate movies fresh/rotten and it uses that data to match them with critics they agree with, using that data to suggest new films.

Adding a randomly-selected quote source to @KaczynskiQuotes... gimme all the good nicknames for The Professor

Our clothes-dryer recently started acting funny and before we could find a person willing to come check it out with all the coronadrama (this was back in April?) we happened across a free one of slightly worse age/quality.

What should we do with the broken one?

Maybe my favourite line of Dutch:

De Russen zijn gebelgd en de Belgen zijn gerust

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