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The best take yet
downton abbey is just game of thrones with better concealed in-breeding

If this were the 90's or my car had a tape deck, I'd be putting them on cassettes

If you frequently tweet in one language and then the same thing again in another (I'm looking at you, Canadian politicians), please use multiple twitter accounts.

The closest thing to a celebrity romance that I've ever followed: congrats to @adam and Tina on their marriage! The Podfather and the Keeper, officially together at last.

Fun fact:

One of the Dutch words for 🍟 is "pataat".

A secondary term for sweet potato in Dutch is "bataat", which comes from one of the original native names for the tuber (and is also used in the scientific name, I. batatas and the source for "potato").

My cousin and friends in the news for growing sweet potatoes in 🇳🇱
Lekker hoor, die zoete aardappel. Maar waarom verbouwen we die niet zelf? Dat dachten boer Remco en Johan op Voorne Putten, dus zijn ze vorig jaar ism @DeProefschuur met succes een proef gestart. En nu rollen ze het uit in Zuidland met 15.000 plantjes. @RTV_Rijnmond

Today's soundtrack thanks to and friends

In which two dudes named Levi talk about a dude named Homer.
It's time to push back against the popular image of fathers as lazy idiots who don't understand their wives and children. Here's how:

When I unsubscribed from's email newsletter, one of the "why did you unsub?" options was "Staples Canada emails are too relevant (feel watched)." Now I really feel watched!

Pet peeve: when the musicians in a music video appear to be "trying" too hard or not "trying" hard enough in comparison to the way they sound in the recording.

"The Church needs to reclaim a sense of patronage of good music and art made by sincere, faithful, Catholics who appreciate the subject matter that they are communicating."

Album of the week: Symphony for the Old World by Flairck

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