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Just remembered seeing a post saying "stop what you're doing and take a picture of your WFH setup" last night so here you go.

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The most annoying dilemma: stay in a Facebook group that is reminiscent of middle school with the amount of drama and name-calling, for the sake of sitting on the sidelines and watching the mud getting slung around, or leave and miss out on what is sometimes quality entertainment?

Brian argues this more eloquently than I've heard anywhere else

We Must Reopen Churches

Rather religious Catholic comment 

We'll have publicly-accessible Sunday Mass starting in June, but in order to receive Communion, one must wear a muzzle-I-mean-mask.

I don't think I can show the Body of Christ the reverence required while getting the mask off in order to place it in my mouth, so unless something changes, I will not be receiving the Eucharist.

I'm tempted to visit a eastern rite parish as they aren't requiring masks but now probably isn't the best time for that.

If I were to make a @adam / @Johncdvorak 2020 shirt to wear whenever I interact with Americans for the next few months, which one should be president?

Recently changed my music-listening strategy from "play anything except for the 25% of the library most recently played" to "play anything from the 25% least recently played" and it is amazing how much more variation is now in my life.

If I were to make a @adam / @Johncdvorak 2020 shirt to wear whenever I interact with Americans for the next few months, which one should be president?

This is my second cousin, from the Chicago area (whom I've never met, but devastating nonetheless)

A friend of their set up a crowdfunding campaign if you're so inclined:

We just started on the last roll of toilet paper that we had before the corona-TP-crisis happened back in March.

While Brian usually talks on religious issues, his latest video essay, on homeschooling, will mesh nicely with many of the No Agenda tribe.

Since coronavirus became a thing one's bank might email them about, I have received 4 emails from Scotiabank, which I am no longer a customer of. I click unsubscribe on each and am given a message that it will take 10 days. It's been fun.


So you willfully submitted yourself to government tyranny of locking yourself up and possible $100k fines? 😵

That besides them now registering you as a Corona patient. Wich will never go away again from your files 😟

Next you submit and want the government to tell you are ok with even more testing. 😳

Are you trying to be the ultimate slave for the globalists? 🤔

It's now been 20 days since I filled out our provincial health care COVID-19 self-assesment, which, based on my symptoms, told me to self-isolate (under threat of fines) until my symptoms go away or they say otherwise. According to the results, I should get tested, so I filled out the form for that.

They have my info, including my health care number (attaching that self-assessment to my records) and I have yet to hear from them.

Either I'm very low priority or they don't actually care.

I'm not like the stereotypical Canadian, getting coffee multiple times a day just to stay alive. But I do like coffee on occasion.
I have found that the moka pot is the happy medium between cost and quality to satisfy my needs.

I am having an increasingly difficult time trusting the police any more.

Sure, they can't all be *this* bad, but at this point, the odds are not in my favour.

My kids are not being raised with any respect for local law enforcement at this point.

I'm quite glad we live in a town with no police station and a 20km drive from the nearest.

@adam I asked my dad (recently-retired bell pepper grower born and educated in 🇳🇱) and my brother (currently in his second year at school in Den Bosch to follow in Dad's footsteps, though currently sheltering in place here in Gitmo Nation Trudeauville) why those little pepper growths sometimes appear inside bell peppers.

Apparently it's just a random mutation, much like how cats frequently have an extra toe. No verdict on whether it's increased with all the engineering or not.

Our formula is this: we go out, we hit our mothers in the mouth.

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