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I work as the sole Dude Named Ben for the largest homeschooling authority in Alberta, Canada.

If anyone is curious how things work here, or is interested in giving it a try, I can explain and point you to further resources. Just ask!

I've been using a standing desk for 30 months now and I don't think I could ever go back.

The fact that the ocean water level is different on either side of the Panama and Suez locks absolutely fascinates me.

Video demonstrating letterlocking: a technique used to detect unauthorized access to official letters (1500s)

A little shop in Vancouver I was in had the TV on and, of course, the pandemic was all they were talking about. A customer in his 30s commented that he was double jabbed, but that was it, he was done. He said all the people he knows feel the same. People are waking up.

@adam in case you haven't already been informed:

- all Catholic pastors are priests. Pastor is the job (head of a local church) while a priest can have other jobs as assigned by his bishop (professor, assistant to the pastor, etc).

- OP as a suffix means he's a member of a group called the Dominican Order, which has been around some 800 years.

Glad to hear that your first time attending a Catholic Mass was a positive experience!

Every once in a while, I listen to music that my dad might have heard growing up but never seems to recognise when I send it to him. Today's genre was progressive rock.

Having only recently gotten into analog photography (as an adult and not having the adult's sense of things like costs back when I would borrow the family SLR as a kid) I wonder, why is it that it seems like all casual photographers back then shot 24 exposure rolls of 135 instead of 36?

Lots of stories about this are dissing Signal. But none of them say Signal provided the info, unless I'm missing something. I’m guessing someone else in the group convo is a rat 🐀

One good thing about testing positive is all the positivity jokes one can make.

I feel so blessed that Nancy Pelosi is praying for me!

A friend once said, "We're all *that* guy about something," referencing the conspiracy theorist meme.

What are you "that guy" about?

A note to the "unvaxxed":

Do not judge your friends and family who accepted the jab under false pretenses. The decision cannot be reversed, and recriminations serve only to sow bad blood.

Instead, judge them on their willingness to get further jabbed. To continue this unconscionable charade of compliance. And on their willingness to force this poison on children who can't make an informed decision for themselves.

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