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“Homeschooling is vital to rescuing a culture that has gone mad.”

If I told my boss that I had an idea for a tech-related course for our homeschool board to offer, I would surely be given the opportunity to develop it. So I might actually have to brainstorm what I'd teach…

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Part of me wants to hang out with the friends’ preteen Minecraft-playing kids — who seem to be more interested in computers/logic/etc than their peers — and teach them the basics of the command line or something

I had totally forgotten how much I love molasses but I'm so glad I've now remembered it.

I shall forever put "AI" in quotation marks until it tells me not to

I (a Canadian) have seen three things about mac & cheese being part of (American) Thanksgiving dinner.

I don't recall it being part of Thanksgiving dinner with family in Oregon in my childhood.

Is this new? Has it always been the case? Is it a regional thing?

Drones distract us from the awesome things that can be done with kites.

This is HUGE !

Apple announces Self Service Repair
Apple parts, tools, and manuals — starting with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 — available to individual consumers

You know your music-picking skills have improved when your wife comments on how much she loves the playlist you found well it’s on you stuck into the queue is the one playing

The Church of the Good Shepherd. My father, the oldest, and myself the youngest both had our First Communion here as well as family weddings and funerals. I still think it is one of the most beautiful churches I've seen.

Sometimes, I just can't wrap my mind around the idea that some people think churches shouldn't be beautiful.

My favourite dystopian fantasy is a world with only electric vehicles, but every single one has a gas generator strapped to it.

What makes more sense?

If I want to creep my mother out when she comes to visit, I start reading DNS queries that her phone makes while it's on our network.

"Oh, I see you woke up around 3am last night. I hope that wasn't because of the baby's crying… You really shouldn't scroll through Facebag at night, Mom."

Why don't we, instead of making pedestrians step down off the sidewalk to street level and navigate around puddles, have the sidewalk stay level and make the cars have to slow for a speed hump?

I recently learned that in Liberian English, they call avocados butter pears, which is about the most perfect name ever.

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