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For some reason, this song makes me think of Advent.
"Moderately, slowly getting faster, but not too much."

Very pleased to see Snarky Puppy manages to fit at the NPR tiny desk (the only NPR content I've consumed this year)

Why isn't this offered to mobile clients? It would cut down the number of calls I answer by about 90%!

Should @ohryan start using Masto more and posting rants/thoughts about controversial issues, like global warming and such?

鈥狪 have been very much looking forward to spending Advent/Christmas reading this

I want to try reading poetry as something of a wind-down read (since it'll be easier to stop then a page-turner). What's your favourite poet?

It doesn't hurt to be paranoid, unless your tinfoil hat gets stuck in your hair.

I'm told that people who go bald are genetically predisposed to paranoia.

Just because some people got together in a thankful manner to remember the good things that happened previously does not make that event a (or the first) "Thanksgiving" in the sense of the modern holiday.

Is there still Hallowe'en candy left in your house?

I'm fine with people not liking pineapple on pizza, but to say that pineapple shouldn't ever be an option is a bit overarching totalitarianism, don't you think?

Sometimes, I think it would be nice to have autocorrect give you statistics.

If I ever get decommissioned while biking because I'm not wearing a helmet, it's up to you awesome followers to make sure it's not spun into a "helmets should be forced by law" story.

My brother (in 馃嚦馃嚤) sent me this picture of a plug on the wall in his new apartment. What is it called? What does it do?

A decade ago this month, I experimented with polyphasic sleep for a period of 8 weeks. Before then, I'd regularly struggle with falling asleep but since the experiment, I pretty much fall asleep within minutes of deciding to.

The politics of fairy tale movie kingdoms is very entertaining

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