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If you know any No Agenda producers in the central Alberta, Canada area, send them this link so we can all complain about not being able to socialise, yet:

So this was trending so I looked it up. Yay for being blocked.

"They are already on everybody's block list because of the cross-platform harassment of @CreatrixTiara in the early days of Mastodon, but they also are into conspiracy theories which are low-key anti-Semitic. Their podcast is also doing covid conspiracies."

The Bilinda Gates divorce really is going to be the distraction of the month, isn't it?

This was a great bait-and-switch, using fantasy fiction to explain the idea of technopoly.

A No Agenda man overboard friend of mine got the shot on the 24th, and now is having gallbladder issues and is getting it removed.

Sounds like he's not the only one.

Am I crazy or was there an anecdote in a recent NA episode about someone getting “the jab” and then having gallbladder issues?

I wonder, if one were to post the vaccination site & funeral home artwork on Instagram, if it would show the “get the truth about COVID-19” banner

Gotta love it when the photos on a business' website could be totally legitimate, but they have the alt text "shutterstock_123456789"

Assuming you weren't the person who sent me this (I can't remember who did):
a) It's good, but long
b) I like his opinions (he flips a literal switch from "fact" to "opinion" and I chuckled)

Me seeing how much I can toe the line and scare family/friends in the group chats

So this infographic has been making the rounds in my circles.

Let it be known that the 16.5% of coronacases that caused blood clotting, which they so kindly extrapolate to 165,000 in 1,000,000 cases so as to match the other statistics, is based on a study of a measly 3,342 patients with COVID-19.

I read a toot to my wife a few weeks ago from @MrsShill (I think) about the kids making sheep noises at people wearing masks alone in their cars.

Today, my 7 and 4 year olds were mooing at someone wearing a mask while alone on the sidewalk. They've got the idea, but forgot which farm animal. Priceless parenting win.

TFW you want to start a homeschool chess-by-mail club

Listening to people complain about all the hardships and annoying things caused by COVIDrestrictions without taking any action is really annoying to me.
If all you’re going to do is complain, go complain on Facebag and stop wasting my time. You’re depressing me and yourself and there’s no net benefit.

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