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"I'm going to watch the tulips grow."

Cropped out of the photo: her little brother, sitting naked at the window above, also watching.

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If you know any No Agenda producers in the central Alberta, Canada area, send them this link so we can all complain about not being able to socialise, yet:

Going camping close to the office so I can actually go in to work for a few days. Have fun whinging on the internet without me.

All "period" drama is alternate-history drama when racial/gender equality is allowed to influence casting decisions.

The fact that Alberta's reopening scheme is called "open for summer" makes me feel like they're planning on doing a sequel, "closed for fall" next.

A neat video about some of the subtle things that set Pixar apart in the filmmaking industry, even though they aren't the only studio making full-length computer-animated films anymore. Absolutely fascinating!

Well I guess I can’t use the “letting someone who needs it more” excuse much longer and I’m kinda surprised any IRL friends haven’t asked yet.

What’s the next best excuse?

Shot some photos on 135 for the first time in at least 15 years this past week and it feels great

When will Black History Month get upgraded to Season?

What the headline misses is that they also don't have to pay the mandatory fee for the mandatory stay in a hotel until their after-landing test comes back.

Also only ones that are fully vaccinated with approved methods (i.e. not Russian or Chinese vaccines) get the free pass.

Fully vaccinated Canadian travellers to soon be spared lengthy quarantine: Ottawa

Fun facts for those who complain about "message" being used as a verb:

"message" as a noun was first recorded in the 1300s

"message" as a verb was first recoded in the 1580s and considered obsolete by 1895, only to be revived in 1992.

It ain't new.

There is no reason for engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, software developers, or IT professionals to have poor language skills. It drives me absolutely fucking CRAZY when I see this kind of shit. If I can properly use the English language in my communications, so can any of these other professionals.

It's just plain laziness to write off the ability to make proper use of language, and it reflects very poorly on you.

WTF? USA Today printed completely fake articles about hybid babies on their frontpage, because Netflix payed for it.

...and this is why the twice-weekly dose of sanity that is the No Agenda Show is so beneficial

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