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I'm late to the game here, but Firefox's "new" picture-in-picture pop-out video player is a great feature.

Don't use the "retweet with comment" functionality to "reply" for the intent of brigading your own followers against the person you are replying to. (There's a fine line here.)

I am "this close" to doing a "how to not use Twitter" thread.

brb making a pitch drop with marshmallow fluff

If you ever have a post "blow up" or "go viral" don't follow it up with a "oh I didn't expect this thank you thank you go follow this or donate to something for me"

According to my mother, who's visiting friends in Liberia currently, the Liberian pidgin English has many similarities to how we're all droppin the "t", just worse and droppin way more consonants

Why can't I find a "frostbite time" calculator/chart that includes situations with no wind? Am I understanding the concept of frostbite incorrectly?

Am I right in understanding OVH is a popular hosting choice in the No Agenda community? Or is my memory just hogwash today?

Wat zijn de beste Nederlandse podcasts?

What are the best Dutch podcasts?

Thanks to CES reporting, I've realized that I don't get the point of fake food.

If you don't want to eat x, why are you coming up with weird concoctions of stuff to be as similar to x as possible?!

Obviously this is different in the case of when one *can't* eat something, like when you are lactose-intolerant but really want some Weetabix.

"Our obsession with being cool has been instilled in us by people that care nothing for our happiness. Our values have been sold to us by people who don’t care about actual moral values, as long as you’re buying what they’re selling." — @[email protected]

#4: Be able to honestly answer a survey/census question like "How often do you attend religious services?" with "More than once a week" without having to resort to rounding up.

#3: Get to a comfortable level of proficiency sight-reading chant notation.

#2: Attempt to get at least one podcast idea off the ground.

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