Every year around Thanksgiving, @adam finds a story or two about a "Secret Santa" that pays off all the layaway items at some random Walmart. Millions in ad value with all of the M5M coverage. The "Secret" was that Walmart was most likely paying for the items to get the free coverage. Walmart stopped layaway after last year so watch to see what they do instead. I don't think any major retailers offer layaway anymore. It's all high interest credit to screw the unbanked.

At this point you gotta wonder if the majority of the population has the memory span of a goldfish 🤡

One person complained so the school is cancelling the Halloween parade. More importantly, it's clear to all of us why they abbreviate the school name as B.F. Day instead of B.F.D.

Regarding Australian coal in China and closing European nuclear plants, China has 49 nuclear plants in operation now (47 GW), 17 currently under construction (18 GW) and another 100 reactors on the drawing board (100 GW) In other news, China's French nuclear plant construction partner, Framatome, has reached out to the US for permission to share technical assistance in order to resolve an "imminent radiological threat".

Covid medical exception/accomodation form for US federal contractors, needs to be signed by "medical provider" (Dr., D.C?) Favorite this now so you aren't asking "does anyone remember the link to the exemption form?" like you did for the vax card template. saferfederalworkforce.gov/down

Live feeds of Jax Center comms below. If you hear ATC traffic, there's no strike. liveatc.net/search/?icao=zjx

Everytime I see LGB, LGBT, LGBTQ and all the other variations, all I can think of is: "Let's Go Brandon!" Now you will, too.

It's hard to hear about people having to make decisions about employer forced vaccines but remember, when one door closes, another door opens. @adam walked away from corporate bullshit and continues to build great things. I'd like to think that you're here on NAS because you're independent and maybe you just need to know that you can walk away. Don't compromise yourself or your families for things you believe in.

Leana Wen's voice and milieu drives me crazy. It is like nails on a chalkboard or rubbing cotton in-between your fingers.

@Johncdvorak @adam

With the new scramble to get vaccine cards (US or Canadian - for entertainment purposes) has anyone illuminated a real card with UV, just to check if there's another ink being used?

Arlington, TX (Tarrant County) authorities charged the adult school shooter with aggravated assault (not attempted murder), gave bond of $75,000 and we watch him walk away from the jail. Not even a 72 hour hold to check his mental state. Still thinking of moving to Texas? Sounds like Portland.

For sure, anyone talking at a school board meeting or county commissioners meeting should end their 3 minutes with "let's go Brandon"...

"America does not have a press by any serious definition of the term. It has a government that, over the course of many decades, has turned the press into an appendage responsible for the manipulation of public opinion."


John's newsletter comment, "woke and cloak" about the CIA losing assets around the world due to "wokeness" misses the point. The US left people out to dry in Afghanistan and our other assets took notice. Biden destroyed decades of work in seconds and rebuilding will be impossible.

CDC keeps a database of Covid 19 vaccine recipients (not all states participate) - VAMS: "Access Vaccination Certificates in VAMS | CDC" cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/repo

If you have a Mastodon "Joined" date >= today, I will mute you all to hell.

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