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The current message from the M5M & vaxxed is "Vaccines reduce hospitalizations and death." The reality is viruses weaken as they mutate which naturally reduces hospitalizations and death. I've found it to be a powerful icebreaker with our vax-bamboozled friends, especially now with vax precepts coming apart. Since they are grasping at straws, hand them this one and hit 'em in the mouth.

Russia has weaponized energy for many years

Baltic Pipeline will save the EU

Russia is at war and Putin is a war criminal that will stop at nothing, blah, blah.

Russia's Varshavyanka-class subs (ultra quiet) operate in the Baltic along with NATO subs

I'm not sure how to write this in Russian: "It would be a shame if something happened to your shiney new pipeline just sitting there on the sea bed."

The clocks are striking thirteen. From @USMiniTru on Birdsite

The Ministry of Disinformation has issued a decree that you must refer to them as the Ministry of Truth. War Is Peace. Freedom Is Slavery. Ignorance Is Strength.

For fans, someone shot aerial video of the Miami track this morning, 29Apr22 and the first thing you can see is the "marina" of drydocked 10-12m boats with what looks like a sample of the fake water they plan to use. This is no Monaco. Lots of work to be done in the next 7 days.

One of the Netflix put options was up over 20,000% today (from $0.02 to $3.95) before settling in at only +1,850%. Did JCD call the Netflix drop on DHUnplugged?

"What did your Governor do for Easter?"

"Let's see, sunrise service with the family and then he said he wanted to crucify Disney™ and Twitter™"

Forgive me if this has already been shared previously in NAS. Very interesting stuff. BTW, I always thought @adam was that one lone male in his spin class. Now the visual is complete with the sports goggles reference 😀.

Disney's Reedy Creek Improvement District which allows them to run WDW like a city (2 actually) is now officially in the crosshairs of the FL legislature and Desantis. Bill to eliminate RCID just filled for upcoming special session.

Ukraine/Zelenskyy pushing the CIA nuke concept a little too hard. This will be the falsest flag ever to have been flagged false. Someone is sitting on at least one of the 84 missing Soviet suitcase nukes.

Will the CDC appeal? Just drop it and Let's go, Brandon!

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CDC's mask mandate for planes and trains declared unlawful by Federal Judge in Tampa:

To my friends, I just received an invite to buy general admission ("Campus Passes", ooh la la) tickets to the Miami GP race. No seat, but you may walk around the "Campus". For Friday, these passes are $300 and for Sat/Sun they are $900 😜 This email is from the organizers that skipped the presale interest list and sold to scalpers, creating $10,000 main straight prices. Please join me in donating to NA for the rain stick in Miami on May 8th. Fun fact: 5th annv of TS Arlene is tomorrow.🤔Karma?

There is still time for Trump to file and run for a Congressional seat, be voted Speaker of the House and take over as President after Biden and Harris leave office.

FOUR Woke Disney Employees Arrested in Human Trafficking Operation
Maybe now we see why the Disney chairman opposes a ban on teaching sexual practices and perversions to kindergarten through six graders.

Zelenskyy and Putin know *everything* Hunter Biden did while "working" for Burisma, especially during his visits to Ukraine and China. Imagine negotiating anything when the other side holds that over your head. How does FJB keep Putin from leaking everything? The obvious solution is Russia backs off and Biden gives them a blank check behind the scenes. But nothing is obvious. My hope is one side gets pissed and releases everything.

@adam Isn't the M5M "Treasonous" storyline just a distraction for why the labs weren't closed down and cleaned out when everyone had months of warning that the Russians were coming?

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