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The current message from the M5M & vaxxed is "Vaccines reduce hospitalizations and death." The reality is viruses weaken as they mutate which naturally reduces hospitalizations and death. I've found it to be a powerful icebreaker with our vax-bamboozled friends, especially now with vax precepts coming apart. Since they are grasping at straws, hand them this one and hit 'em in the mouth.

So foolish to allow someone who has quit to stay in their position for 4 months. He will use that time to lay the groundwork for whatever scheme his new employer has created. He'll ruin morale, poison any decent people and finish his evil work. When someone quits, at any level, walk them out the door that day.

Just one year after his threat to blow up the Capital, Floyd Roseberry's case documents reveal his prescription mix, possibly the same mix @Johncdvorak thinks sets off many of the school shooters, is Adderall and Valium. Uppers and downers, mix in some alcohol and it's Mr. Roseberry Goes to Washington.

Cybernetic implants begin in 8 hours. Qi, Bluetooth, NFC and 10kHz proprietary force field. It's a perfect match for my existing titanium endoskeleton. "We have the technology. We can make him better, stronger, faster."


We all have preferences, but boobs are boobs!


what I thought too...


It’s not what the FBI took out of Mar-a-Lago, it’s what they may have planted inside.

A Russian and an American get on a plane in Moscow and get to talking. The Russian says he works for the Kremlin and he’s on his way to go learn American propaganda techniques.

“What American propaganda techniques?” asks the American.

“Exactly,” the Russian replies.

I've reached the end of the line on pain management for failed back fusion. The SCS spinal implant will make me part of the Borg, a hacking target and subject to EMP. Upside is reduced (or no more) pain Rx and a shot at a normal life. Any stories you have to share would be appreciated. Talk me out of it or into it.

Passengers Evacuated due to Covid Outbreak on All-Vaccinated Cruise
One out of 20 is sick
Kinda hard to blame on unvaxed, when everyone has had the GMO jab.

No Agenda Social used to be a place where we could relax our brains for awhile and not get caught up in all the bombardment of negative shit, now it's getting as bad as facebag... Evil this and evil that. Fuck, relaax people... the world ain't going to end any time soon, no matter what Adam Curry says.

This is @Johncdvorak going off on some awful newsreader.

"She...shit, this woman, by the way, this, she's, I, she's only been on a few times, she, I can't tell you how, just like, she does, maybe, an hour new. She's just flubbin' flubbin' flubbin'. She's a flubber!"

The AI in the transcription algorithm killed itself.

Russia has weaponized energy for many years

Baltic Pipeline will save the EU

Russia is at war and Putin is a war criminal that will stop at nothing, blah, blah.

Russia's Varshavyanka-class subs (ultra quiet) operate in the Baltic along with NATO subs

I'm not sure how to write this in Russian: "It would be a shame if something happened to your shiney new pipeline just sitting there on the sea bed."

The clocks are striking thirteen. From @USMiniTru on Birdsite

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