An editor for spoken-word media with transcription.

It gives you a wordprocessor-like experience for media editing.

It can automatically transcribe your audio to text.

It can be used for Video, Audio and mixed editing - Do radio shows, podcasts, audiobooks, interview clips or anything you like.

It is free

It keeps the data in your hands - no cloud whatsoever.


@adam Gender affirming surgery cost $600k. Radial forearm free-flap (RFF) phalloplasty

@CSB Using AI to Map & Measure Social Contagion | with Shannon Boschy

Boschy is a Canadian professional whose family has been negatively impacted by Gender Identity Ideology. Researching into the matter to figure out how it has spread so quickly through Gen Z, he has begun developing an AI that can map the phenomena of trans identification and detransition by surveying internet forums. This is fascinating work, and if you'd like to learn more you can contact him at

Any way to find out what e mail address I used to make this account? Cant login on my desktop. Im logged in on my phone, sailfishOS and tooter b. Cant find the address from here.

50-60 democrats fled Texas. 6 got COVID and at least 5 were fully vaccinated.

Show this to your kids. At some point schools are going to start pushing vaccines.

Maddie de Garay, who volunteered for the Pfizer vaccine trial when she was 12 and now is in a wheelchair.

Next time you see someone reading package label in store, go to them and say "Excuse me sir/ma'am, Are you one of them anti-food conspiracy theorists?"

COVID-19: No need for booster AstraZeneca jab at the moment, says Oxford Vaccine Group - despite evidence it restores peak immunity

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