Why do all non-conformists not conform in exactly the same way?

New blog post recalling my time as a player and volunteer GM of the cyberpunk MMOFPS Neocron which is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its release this year. lachlanlife.net/posts/2022-09-

@SirPaulTheTrustedAdvisor We were planning to make the meetup today, but not feeling well this morning. Catch you all next month.

I did a scary thing today. I told my leadership and my team that I am leaving my full-time salaried job in order to focus full-time on my business.

Everyone was very supportive and wished me good luck, but I'm still terrified. I've been addicted to a regular paycheck for 30 years. Freedom!

If you are using a de-googled phone, this is a handy resource for finding apps that work without Google services. plexus.techlore.tech/

Fuck off T-mobile. I don't have to see ads at all, because I pay for my service already.

What kind of sentence is this bullshit? - "Haltom City police say that Graham was victim to an offense they call “random.”" dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/01/28/pa

@darrenoneill @saltymedic @jennifer @agates To date, my favorite response to the 'nothing to hide' argument:

"I need privacy, not because MY motives are questionable, but because YOURS are."

Ever notice how every argument in favor of government or corporate surveillance assumes, ex facie, that the entity doing the surveiling is benevolent with pure motives? This is almost never true in the real world.

“The FCC has become aware of discussions on social media platforms suggesting that certain radio services ... may be an alternative to social media platforms for groups to communicate and coordinate future activities. ... Amateur and Personal Radio Services, however, may not be used to commit or facilitate crimes." reddit.com/r/amateurradio/comm

I heard a quote this morning which, paraphrased, was "a bigot is not someone who thinks they are right. Everyone thinks that. A bigot is someone who can't understand how someone else could be so wrong"

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