@adam I have been listening to RFK Jr new book (The Real Anthony Fauci) ... It is
pretty much what no agenda has been saying the last 2 years in book form

@kyleyle @adam

They extended the $2.99 Kindle sale for RFK Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci.

@kyleyle @adam

It amazes me after all these decades he is still respected. Dr Mengele Fauci belongs in front of a firing squad or at least behind bars for the rest of his life. He is responsible for more deaths than any other American

@kyleyle @adam RFK Jr. almost brings tears to my eye. we need 10,000 of him, imo. He brought dignity to the Kennedy name.

@kyleyle @adam I’ll check it out!

Gotta be honest, I was hoping he actually read it. Although his voice is fucked up I think it makes him sound more authoritative or believable. I usually like it when non-fiction authors read their own work.

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