@adam Just finished Sundays show...I thought that there would be clips from the dark horse podcast with the inventor of mRNA vaccine?... talking about how he warned the FDA that the spike protein wasn't staying in the injection site?...

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More alarming clip from dark horse podcast with mRNA inventor... confirming we shouldn't vaccinate durning a pandemic...youtu.be/_B9xbSl_zMo

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Yup. My confidence in any vaccine, CDC, and any govt health official and/or pronouncement is near 0 at this point.




This was so predictable. pic.twitter.com/oHKFgR9vF4
— Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) June 10, 2021

Congrats you fuckwits you are about to destroy confidence in ALL vaccines and ALL public health measures for a generation.
— Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) June 10, 2021"

This dark horse interview is with the inventor of the mRNA vaccine...he talks in the first minutes on how he warned the FDA that the spike protein from this vaccine does not stay in the injection site...plus more... youtu.be/-_NNTVJzqtY

My employer doesn't mandate the vaccine ...but they say it would be legal to do so...is this possible?...or is it just talk?

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I wish the media would move on with regards to did Fauci lie. He did. The Orange man was right on everything, so now lets get to the lie that there was nothing to treat the Rona accept a vaccine. Amazes me just how little is known.

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► “ #Ivermectin ” + #ZINC is Extraordinary.*”


● “ It renders #spike #proteins INERT.”

● “ It’s even better than #hydroxychloroquine as it treats all #stages of “ #COVID ”.

● “ It treats a diverse range of #diseases, with its unexpected potential as an #antibacterial, #antiviral and anti- #cancer agent.”

● “ It kills (what they falsely call) ” #coronavirus “ in 48 hours.” .

news-medical.net/news/20200406 . gab.com/Bainbridge5/posts/1062 .
@Hitler @YodaJediMaster

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All of these petitions offering the Scratch and Vax.. i wonder if they realize its illegal to incentivize medical treatment justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/manha

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In the FBI FOIA for JFK Jr, page 155 of the pdf for the plot to kidnap JFK Jr includes a letter from JFK Jr to then Senator Joseph Biden calling Biden a Traitor.


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@NBS Interesting.

Everything else that pops to mind is a smart ass answer, that all boil down to: non-participation/making them work for their tyranny is the only way to make them stop it.

It's actually the American Disability Act and OSHA that private companies are violating.



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Fuck babykilling oligarchs covering up miscarriages linked to vaccines. One of my close friends unexpectedly miscarried yesterday 2 weeks after her first vaccine dose.

I know correlation <> causation, but the cover-ups don't allow people to make informed decisions.

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