Most states will keep abortion legal but regulate some limitations on it in accordance with the majority opinion that there must be *some* limitations. That won’t stop the public freak out, of course.

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Europe will look on aghast, unaware that most of their laws on 'on demand abortions' were more restrictive than Roe / Casey.

Sweden 18 weeks
Germany 12 weeks
France 14 weeks
Spain 14 weeks
Italy 90 days
Finland prohibited

Ukraine 12 weeks

@DaemonFools @krabappel
Who cares what Europe thinks?

Too busy trying to start WWIII with Russia to matter anymkre.6

@DaemonFools @krabappel on top of that Ukraine is busy eliminating native sperm persons so it's a win! (NOT)

@krabappel Very True...

But Mindless Bags of Unbridled Emotion... I mean Commie Democrats, will have the biggest meltdown of the year.

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