I’ve eaten a gross amount of raspberries covered in whip cream and mascarpone. So good.

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Working from home on a DSL connection means that I have Bad Speeds.

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I’ve been harvesting raspberries and blackberries every day for a few weeks now… not sure what the total poundage is but I would guess I’ve got 8-10lbs of raspberries. I’m starting to get tired of berry picking… the only thing I’ve really made so far was a small test batch of jam which was good but too sweet so I’m going to make more with less sugar next time. Anyone got any favorite berry recipes??

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This is probably an ass hole take but maybe republicans can trade abortion protections for election protections.

Not a single person I know who voted for Biden apologized for the OSHA COVID mandates. Not one.

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Good, Roe v Wade has been overturned. Now offer up a constitutional amendment to explicitly declare bodily autonomy to be a natural right.

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Europe will look on aghast, unaware that most of their laws on 'on demand abortions' were more restrictive than Roe / Casey.


Sweden 18 weeks
Germany 12 weeks
France 14 weeks
Spain 14 weeks
Italy 90 days
Finland prohibited

Ukraine 12 weeks

Most states will keep abortion legal but regulate some limitations on it in accordance with the majority opinion that there must be *some* limitations. That won’t stop the public freak out, of course.

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I’m seeing a lot of houses going on the market right now. It makes me think people are trying to unload before the crash.

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