Each STM32WB55 microcontroller inside Flipper Zero has a unique serial number in hexadecimal format. But it’s boring, so we've decided to give each and every Flipper a unique, human-readable name. To do that, we took a neural network, trained it on PokΓ©mon names, and as a result we generated a dictionary of over 1 million names. For even more uniqueness, the names are diluted with 1337-speak.

I'm not saying that anybody should do this... but... well... they were warned?

Better late than Never right?
Todays episode of Sir Gene Speaks is all about Eric Hunley and his youtube takedown.

HI everybody!

Heard a producer ask for a place to listen to just the end of show mixes and John said there was no such place. Meanwhile I have been chopping out just the EOS mixes from a handful of episodes to listen to when I want to jam out GitmoNation style. I will be updating the link with more episodes as I get free time :)

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