Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts dropping truth bombs all over parliament.

@ChvckN0rri5 fuckin' eh Sen. Roberts! that the only hope that doomed nation has?

@ChvckN0rri5 @greyknight33 I like it.

What’s with the weird Predator Camouflage effect that keeps happening on the left of the screen though?

@koba_ape_leader @ChvckN0rri5 good catch, does look kinda weird. likely camera focus or maybe blue screen?

@greyknight33 @koba_ape_leader

Compression artifacts

If a pixel does not change between frames, the information for the next frame is carried over, instead of duplicated.

In higher compression algorithms, the allowable difference between the pixel in each frame is greater. This means that we will see more pixel carryover in higher compressed videos.


@ChvckN0rri5 @greyknight33 awesome. Thanks for the explanation.
I’m a total Neanderthal when it comes to things like this

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@koba_ape_leader @ChvckN0rri5 you can have mine. i know for sure mine will get stuck right when i have to hock a huge loogie

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