Fellow producers could I get some karma. We believe I’ve experienced post-vax facial palsy with my right eye paralysed. Or it’s an aneurism. The MRI scheduled for tomorrow at 8 will clear it up and if I go dark it wasn’t the vax. But I’ll be encountering brain surgery. @Joe_OConnor @coldacid @CarBlanez33

@Sleekss Twitter is garbage. It's so obvious what they're doing.

Grain of salt here. Did a search and couldn’t find the exact words this author used.

Just something to keep your head in a swivel about if you live in NY and your child attends school there.
(Mayor pledging to mandate a certain shot for children)


Looks like Gates and Fauci have changed the balance of nature permanently when it comes to Covid. Goodbye Gompertz curves and periods of herd immunity, hello artificial and permanent high baseline of deaths.


“As a Harvard professor I analyzed vaccine data for two decades and helped develop CDC's vaccine safety system. It's illuminating to realize that @KelleyKga, a mother with no science degree, understands epidemiological data better than former surgeon general @JeromeAdamsMD.”


Not sure WTF is going on, except far too many just sitting there recording instead of helping.
We are failing as a society.


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