It's an ill wind

Have you suffered abuse while working in a charity shop? Speak with a journalist in full confidence. Email...

Maxine Waters calls for Trump impeachment after 'sh---hole' comment.
Donna Brazile: "I Considered Replacing Hillary With Joe Biden" After Health Scare

Some passes of the #ISS visible from the UK tonight - I'll tweet/toot warnings closer to the time

@ChrisWilson @SierraKiloBravo @wolfspider

Thanks for checking. I am still not well. I suffered a bronchial infection for two weeks, and it was diagnosed as something else. It will be end of October before I am back at 100% again.

A lot of coughing fits, sudden chills. I have a lot of inflammation.

Please send Karma.

ITM everyone! Please enjoy this short video of a leftist being shot in the nuts with a pepper-ball projectile after the Phoenix rally.

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