Just an idea right now....

The California Zephyr Meetup. The Journey starts at Union Station in Chicago and we pick up producers along the way as we chug on down to Oakland. Then we have a Meetup somewhere in the Bay Area.

And just like that I refreshed Twitter and it is there. It wasn't there all day. I was keeping an eye on it when I first noticed it.

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Anyone else notice that the first time in for a very long time that there is no Covid mentioned in Twitter's "What's Happening."


This episode puts PLANET RAGE at the top of Kneel Young's shit list!

PLANET RAGE #22: Lazy Force

@ThatLARRYSHOW and I break down the Neil Young Vs. Spotify issue with a few clips from Joe Rogan. Also, Larry's stellar Neil Young impersonation, the death of Howard Hesseman, & MORE!


Watch the 78 classic convoy to get me pumped for the ride to Ottawa.

From the British Medical Journal Op-Ed

Covid-19 vaccines and treatments: we must have raw data, now


I got a casting call. Anyone know anything about this PAC. WelcomePAC. I don’t think she liked my reply.

This is a map of Western Australia’s regions.

The state government is planning to erect roadblocks come Feb 5 to stop unvaxxed citizens from moving between regions.

This is in addition to the businesses which the unvaxxed will be banned from under threat of a $20,000 fine (for the individual) and $100,000 fine for the business.


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