Are you able to extract the audio from this BBC series? It's the Sean Ono Lennon interviews with Julian Lennon, Elton John and Sir Paul.



I have friends who go shoot jackrabbits & Ground squirrels in the desert, then put them near the bottom of theor weed-farm pots to provide more nutrients when the plants reach a certain stage...

"Works better than 'Miracle Grow' powder..."

@BlueDouche @kkoberna, I once heard a podcast about an ex-vegan who became a hunting carnivore when she realized all the organic veggies she was growing depended on animal bones for fertilizer. 🌱🍖

Just a thought. Plants are omnivores. They feed off what is in the soil be it plant based or animal.

If you want to keep an archive copy of the Podfather's Rogan episode in 1080 / 60fps quality, you can grab it here for the next 48 hours or so.

The file is 4.19GB.


@darrenoneill What you're looking for for the storage is a software RAID running at RAID 0. Although possible that is not an ideal setup. The NAS devices can't run it and it is unstable. If you loss one drive then you lose the whole array.

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