I'm not sure if anyone here remember when Gov. Whitmer (Michigan) let the MHHS Director Robert Gordon resign and gave him a $155,000 pay out.

Turns out he was forced out because he was refusing to push the agenda that EVERYTHING needed to shut down. He used logic and reason to understand COVID.

So at a meeting, Big Gretch told him it was time for him to find a new job...so she could appointment someone who would do what she wanted. So much for the SCIENCE.

Canadian brethren especially Ontarians, breach the border and come to Ohio where we have no lockdown and are relatively free.

Anyone know specifics of Battle of Khafji. There is a lot of weird unsaid about a battle.


I’ve got Pabst Blue Ribbon on my mind. What else could one drink at the Flora-Bama?

@SirMathieu A great show would be how the borders between the US and Canada evolved.

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I can even make a case for the Cartographers since the leader of of the expedition to the Western Reserve which is now know as northern Ohio was Moses Cleaveland who was a surveyor and a Cartographer.

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As the Knight of the Burning River and the river I am named for flows pass the Team Formally Known as the Indians I like the Cleveland Cartographers. It's neutral and non-offensive. The Cucks and the Steamers are also an option.


Are you able to extract the audio from this BBC series? It's the Sean Ono Lennon interviews with Julian Lennon, Elton John and Sir Paul.



I have friends who go shoot jackrabbits & Ground squirrels in the desert, then put them near the bottom of theor weed-farm pots to provide more nutrients when the plants reach a certain stage...

"Works better than 'Miracle Grow' powder..."

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