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@NICKtheRAT great cameo in the beginning of the rampage move.

@kkerley I'm hoping that Rachel Maddow will start combing through the book of Revelation for references to Trump. The isos man, the isos!

@adam errrrr. Sorry about the art uploaded 4x on the art generator today. Was uploading and the browser kept “glitching” !!!! Ended up uploading the same piece 3 extra times and It won’t let me delete the extra uploads for the life of me!!!!! Anyways sorry for that mess up in the evergreens section. My bad. Have a blessed day. 😀

3 miles in 45 min. 90’s at 10pm sheesh. Legs feel like jello but slowly getting use to it. @PhoneBoy

Looking for a good movie based on a true story Artic was good. Now in the mood for another.

How about a podcast called “great questions”. Content. Great questions and horrible questions only.

So I’ve been taking Chantix. Now my dr wants me to start taking Prozac on top of that. I think they want me to frrrreeeeeeeekkkk out man.

Dear god for the life of me I Can not find the mother daughter crazies clips JCD brought to the show. Not even in the show notes.

Headed to comicon in Little Rock. Hope it’s a good weekend.

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