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@NICKtheRAT great cameo in the beginning of the rampage move.

Looking for help: I did a clean install of claws-mail 3.17.4 but the plugin for gpgcore won't load because it is version 3.17.3 For the life of me I cannot figure out how to install the updated plugin. And why would an outdated plugin be packaged with the current install?

Didn’t get my NA newsletter today first time in along time.

@adam and anyone else is there a place online I can go to take my HAM license test? The have one here at the local airport but only once a year and apparently this year it’s not happening.

@adam all my machines are dual boot windows/Linux. We like manjaro and mint distros. My 2 boys 8 and 11 prefer the Linux OS as do I. Welcome to the community. 😀

Dang bout lost my account couldn’t find any of my info.

Been awhile. thought I would hop on and have a few laughs. Never fails. Happy Halloween eve everyone.

@kkerley I'm hoping that Rachel Maddow will start combing through the book of Revelation for references to Trump. The isos man, the isos!

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