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@NICKtheRAT great cameo in the beginning of the rampage move.

Where is Darren O with the pre show today. Enter it into your browser manually vote for Vinnie. Love Karl but let’s make him spin that wheel. 😀

Https:// listen here Love Karl but vote for Vinnie Winnie this week. He had the most current and creepiest creep. Time for Karl to spin that wheel!!!!

At least you have rule and I respect than.

I am not sorry but you banned me and sewer chat did too. So what?so why. ? Cause I’m an ass and pushed it. I really don’t care.

What a shit show stream the only good show is mine.

@Lennoxxreverb to fucking kick me off discord because I have an option. Dude I am a fan like wtf.

@adam did you ever get your email thing straightened out. How cruel and heartless some people can be. I’ve had similar crap happen to mine just ended up having to use gmail ugh.

Now I need to talk to you about what I know and repporations.

@adam can I come on and ask you and moe some racial charged question. I’m not a asshole. I just want to know the answer.

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