Just found out the lumber mill job I was very excited about accepting in ID required a full medical history disclosure, genetic testing and and drug test with hair sample.. WTF? I could pass all of these things, but why would I submit to this abuse? I fled WA in part because of mandatory vaccinations in my field. Is the Universe trying to tell me to "eat what I kill"/roll my own business?!?

“Don’t send a man to the grocery store” by Jeanne Robertson

This lady’s comedy is refreshing and seems more timeless than most comedy these days.

Every video of her’s that I’ve watched has made me laugh.


As I am thinking about the FBI raid and seeing all kinds of comments, I am wondering why now? What are they doing that they would launch this raid to avert your attention for what they are really doing? Is there anything else in the BBB law the Senate just passed?

NAS Classical Music Monday

Raga Anandi Kalyan - Ravi and Anoushka Shankar

Using a palette of a melody form (raga), and a framework of a rhythmic cycle (tala), one explores the musical possibilities using a lot of improvisation.

The tala used here is Dhamar: a 14 beat cycle divided 5+2+3+4.

Count along and see if you can spot a tihai: a phrase that gets repeated 3 times and ends on, or right before, the first beat of a tala cycle.


NAS Friday Night Live

Dave Alvin, Jimmie Dale Gilmore (no relation to Dave Gilmore) and the Guilty Ones


Probably one of the prettiest places I have ever been! Silver Glen Springs in Ocala National Forest.

I want to get our well water tested. Anyone know of a good private company?

All the water testing available in our local area seems to be tied directly to the County Health Department. (They even get state grants for free testing programs!)

Thing is, I don't trust that place or the people who run it. Like, AT ALL. The director has a reputation of being a busy-body, know-it-all, control freak. And they heavily promote the jabs.

So, I'm looking for a PRIVATE firm to use for water testing. 😅


Enter thrift store. There will be a wholesome movie DVD there like The Princess Bride or LotR among a huge collection of other DVDs.

Buy it for $2-3 & the money supports jobs in the local economy & may even go to charity like homes for battered women or those recovering from substance abuse depending on the store.

Wholesome date night for $3 + Treat yo self groceries. You own the DVD instead of making the WEF proud w/ renting, Hulu/Netflix/moral decay.
😘 @eglo

@furgar idk just a visceral thing. The info I’ve seen that he puts out is fine but there’s just something about him that I’ve stopped watching his videos.

@NetNed @NetNed the headline say ‘$4000 on alcohol in a year’ while the quote says ‘$4000 on purchases at a local liquor store’. Well, which is it? Those are different statistics.
My liquor store also sells cigarettes, cigars, frozen pizza, snacks, lottery, etc.
If they bought their cigarettes at the liquor store, that would be a significant portion of the $4000.
Even if it was all alcohol, you can’t determine the quantity of alcohol purchased based on money spent.

Dudes named Ben! Does anyone know how to back up a disabled iPhone? I’ve got a teenager in meltdown here… thanks!

@furgar have you seen many of this guy’s videos? First few I saw, he seemed like an interesting guy. The more I watch, I’m finding him less and less likable.


It's technically correct. Barbeque comes from Spanish barbacoa, but the OG methods differ.

She's cooking mildly seasoned meats over charcoal or gas on what is colloquially known as a grill.

Bonus: in the age of pirates, the wild pigs that lived on Caribbean islands were a reliable source of protein. The men who would cook the pigs over a frame made of sticks - a boucan (precursor to the grill) were called boucaniers, which eventually evolved in to buccaneer.

Boucan > barbacoa > bbq

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