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NAS Classical Music Monday

Les Chansons des Roses - Morten Lauridsen.
I had the pleasure of singing this when I was in choir. Beautiful yet challenging.

Lyrics by poet Rainer Maria Rilke
“…these poems…are some of my favorite examples…of the French language and its ability to convey the most beautiful ideas with equally beautiful sounds and words.”

Lyrics and translations

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NAS Classical Music Monday

Classical music can come off as complex and unapproachable.
It is not.
Anyone can enjoy classical music.

All it takes is a few minutes of your day to remove distractions, relax, and give yourself the chance to enjoy and appreciate something you’ve never heard before.

No experience required.

New every week.

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Memers and debunkers are just as controlled by propaganda as the people on Facebook and Twitter.
It’s like NPC memeing/debunking
“I meme about the current thing”.
I know I’ve done this exact same thing in the past. But this particular incident made me aware it. I’m trying to be more cognizant of how the media controls me and my thoughts.
IMO all the ‘it’s fake/it’s real’ and the memes are exactly what they wanted to happen. I concur with what @GMOdysseys pointed out about a spell.

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We had to put down my parent’s yellow lab, Pearl, last week after discovering cancer that had grown into her spinal cord. At least she isn’t in pain anymore.
She loved stealing my mother’s tomatoes from the garden…and then throwing them up later.
Also some pictures of Pearl and our old black lab, Mabel, who passed away about 5 years ago.
I’ll miss them both.

“Oh, I can’t drink that. Last time I drank that, I got jumped twice”

Customer after I showed her what she asked for: the way to get the drunkest for the least amount of money.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. NAS is the Best Social Media Platform in the Universe!
doesn’t really roll off the tongue well.

Does anyone have a link to the video of the "Fear is freedom, subjugation is liberation..pigs in human clothing" clip often played on NA ??

I thought we were just trying to distract and have fun. It's too serious on here most of the time. Bitching about stuff you can't control is pointless and gay

My coworker no called/no showed today. So I did 366 transactions in 6 hrs.
I can’t wait to get home and have a drink.

Yesterday my 4 year old was watching "Blue's Clues," a show geared for children 1 to 3. I was cleaning the house and heard the words non binary coming from a child on the show. The little girl was explaining each of the pride flags. What in the heck!!!! Thankfully my 4 year old was not in the room. It is sad when I have to screen toddler shows for my child.

TYFYC @sirRamseyCain for another installment of
The Last Starfighter was interesting to say the least.
I thought the score for the movie was great and really helped to propel the movie even when the script and plot didn’t.
Plus, the makeup on that Gril guy was pretty nice.
I don’t think every movie has to be directly related to NA.
I just like watching movies and discussing them.
Can’t wait for the next one!

“Hey, y’all getting that 2020 beer?”

Take a moment and figure out how you could decipher what this customer was looking for.

He was looking for the Goose Island Bourbon Barrel Stout annual release.

Way to help me help you, customer.

It begins....

14.4lbs of pork shoulder butt in the smoker.

(Technically it began last night with a liberal coating and rub of chipotle and jalapeño seaoning.)

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