I had a chat Tuesday morning with a vet who served in the Army and Navy and did special forces type work. Was talking guns. He suggested some nice tips: 1. Put up the american flag. 2. improve on that and put up the blue flag (shows support for USA and police). 3. If you really want to send a message, put up both the american/blue flag AND a confederate flag.

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I think Epstein is still alive with a new face somewhere.

More of that "scandal free" Obama administration. Funny how when you don't have a corrupt Obama DOJ the scandals all come to light.


@MayorAdler Citizens of Austin demand transparency into the REAL number of this 'Surge': Scientists Warn CDC Testing Data Could Create Misleading Picture Of Pandemic : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR l.curry.com/fhl

the leader of the ReOpen NC effort was arrested for protesting the Govs latest orders....

According to this article the science is on masks (just don't look at Denmark, Norway, etc say about masks)


Forcing small businesses to enforce a coward’s decree is the best way to choke small businesses out of business.

Congratulations, Gov. Roy Cooper for pretending a novel flu is untreatable. Great work convincing everyone the Government is smarter than Medical Professionals.

Good job, team.

For No Agenda listeners, this "strategy" is well known. And explains why Jay Fucking Inslee is still keeping things locked down in Washington State.

So John got history wrong again. the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves only in the rebelling States and it took the 13th Amendment to free the slaves in the non rebelling Union states.

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