Currently reading the third bird of CS Lewis' Space Trilogy. A good read, if a bit wordy, with some great commentary about Christianity and the evils of technocracy / NWO.

Calories are not like people in some utopian-egalitarian's dream world. Not all calories are the same; calories are unequal.

America is a nation that can be described in a single word: lwuzimfuthimihehfutfutwu...

For those of you wanting to hack a new OS onto an Android phone I see has new Google Pixel 4 fully unlocked 64 GB for $250. Sale goes for 15 days. IIRC that model's a prime candidate for a de-googling OS replacement.
Bootloader unlocked on both phones.

(NEW) Google Pixel 5 w/5G 128GB (Fully Unlocked)


January 6th committee's "star witness" was just publically debunked in less than 24 hours.
This is a comedy movie.

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