Congrats to Dropbox for launching a BETA of the M1 support recently.

Nextcloud Desktop client has native M1 support in the stable release since last year!

The USA should remove all military personnel and property from the Ukraine immediately.

After the past few episodes of Rogan, i am waiting for this headline:

"So called Podfather, is the nexus of all misinformation"


[RT @GraduatedBen]
Virginia’s new Attorney General has just fired the entire civil rights division in the AG office and announced that he will prosecute criminal cases in jurisdictions where Soros DAs decline to prosecute.

He is also the first PoC Attorney General in Virginia history!

The new fauci book should be read as filibuster material, then it would be recorded in Congressional records

Don't fool yourself, being a man has nothing to do with accumulating money for your family or being a house-dog. Being a man is to be the PRIEST of your family, connecting them to God. It's being the KING of the house by bringing ORDER to things.

OK Tucker, I give up, I'm buying some Balance of Nature !!!

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