Dr. Steve Kirsch's testimony before FDA advisory panel:
during the 6 month Pfizer trial, 20 of the vaccinated people died, while only 14 of the unvaccinated died (not statistically significant, but concerning). Since the vaccine has been administered to the rest of us, VAERS data shows there have been 2 excess deaths for every life saved from covid. Following nursing home booster shots, there have been 6 excess deaths for every life saved from covid.


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The FAA grounded Fox News’ drones that were capturing the migrant crisis in Del Rio, Texas.

So local law enforcement took them up in a helicopter

Remember, do not go to Washington tomorrow, the 18th.


Also NEVER talk to the police or the FBI, EVER, without a lawyer.


Nicki Minaj called Joy Reid a “lying, homophobic coon”


truth wants to come out.

And what equals a crush of patients?? 400 SYSTEMWIDE?


"Officials said the moves will help the Raleigh hospital maintain adequate staffing levels in both the emergency room and the new tents.

this has got to be BS. You cant tell me out of 43 (43!!) hospitals, there wasnt a place for this person. its because they have no labor, not beds


so they put a time capsule with a picture of an insignificant person at the location where a statue of the one of the most influential people in our history USED to be.... makes sense


wow- this is bold. the citizens voted for a constitutional amendment to require voter ID in 2018. As you can imagine its been in the courts since.

Now they are trying to remove to NC SC justices from the case because they know they will loose.

the citizens of the state have voted for this - and these people just cant let it go


Listening to Today's episode reminded me of what my dad told me on 9/11

He's a CFI, and called the local FAA office to figure out what was going on and if he could fly his students.

The guy on the phone, super panicked said "no. No. Don't. Two hit in new York and we shot one down over Pennsylvania."


[RT @AtTheHague]
After eighteen years of active duty service in the US Army, my lieutenant colonel husband has resigned

He’s walking away from all he’s worked for and believed in since he was an ROTC kid at UGA

He’s walking away from his retirement

His resignation memo:

[Quote RT Charles Hawtrey @charleshawtrey3]

Look really close at this picture.

The yellow thing in the middle above the white is a bulldozer. It is burying windmill blades used for green energy.

Why? Because these blades need to be disposed of and there is presently no way to recycle them.

That’s how green energy works!

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