Where’s my money?!?

The IRS is still holding my money and there doesn't seem to be a sign on when they'll send it back. Maybe they're having trouble finding enough cash because of all the trillions upon trillions we're spending. At least I'm not alone.

This year a host of problems rooted in the Covid-19 pandemic have led to unprecedented customer-service problems at the IRS. They include delayed proce


Let the shunning begin!!

I'm immune to shunning. I've been vaccinated against that decades ago and my antibodies are still coursing through my veins. This guy is an asshole.


Let's forget the vaccine is still not yet approved by the FDA. It is only authorized. You can't force an experimental vaccine on people.


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Judge orders hospital to administer Ivermectin to COVID-19 patient

A family sued a hospital in the Chicago area in order to get them to treat their mother with Ivermectin. Their mother was on a ventilator and in intensive care for a month and the family wanted to try something else because she wasn't improving. The hospital refused and in fact ne


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Meet the OVERSIGHT BOARD… Ooooooooo scary

Former President Trump and currently Facebook de-platformed Donald J. Trump received a review from the OVERSIGHT BOARD.

Facebook Inc. was justified in banning then-President Donald Trump, the company’s independent oversight board ruled Wednesday, but didn’t appropriately explain if or why the former president should be pe


It’s official COVID-19 mania will never end

You gotta love the experts. We'll never reach paradise because rubes like me don't want to "take the jab". The ever elusive herd immunity will never arrive.

Now, more than half of adults in the United States have been inoculated with at least one dose of a vaccine. But daily vaccina


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Vaccine Dissemination

Spread of COVID-19 in prison and post vaccination spread in healthcare workers in Scotland


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Study: Post vaccination, COVID-19 propagation rates higher than when unvaccinated?

I follow a well known diet and nutrition reseacher out of the UK. Her name is Dr. Zoë Harcombe. Read more about her here. Since the pandemic began she has examined the data coming from all official sources and this l


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New York Times reports prison COVID-19 survival rate at 99.486%. And they say that’s 3 times higher than the general population. Why are we scared?

The New York Times has a story about COVID-19 infections and deaths among the U.S. priso


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Maybe I wouldn’t be a skeptic if the U.S. didn’t release 170k untested and unvaccinated illegals into the country

I feel so honored that someone is trying to understand me. I feel wanted... validated. Okay, enoug


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Biden didn’t sign checks but he sure signed the letter

President Biden, the humble and wonderful man that he is, famously said he didn't need his signature on the stimulus checks because he wanted to get the payments out as quickly as possible. As if he would have to personally sign the checks. Although, maybe that would've been a good idea to slow thin


PCR tests created past fake epidemics

The story linked here is from 2007. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center thought they had a Whooping Cough epidemic on their hands. What they actually had were PCR tests run amok.

With pertussis, she said, “there are probably 100 different P.C.R. protocols and methods being used throughout the country,” and it


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Georgia GOP will lose if focus is on prior election

The most important election since 2020 in Georgia is coming up in 2022. It's only a year and a half away and I can already see the state's GOP has a big problem. Trump beat and bashed the party into a stupor and if Georgia's GOP acts like a beaten wife they're doomed to have a re


Asian Senators vote in favor of University discrimination against… Asians

Mazie HironoTammy DuckworthAsians that vote against Asians

Democrat Asian U.S. Senators, Tammy Duckworth and Mazie Hirono, voted in favor of University discrimination against Asians. Buried by the media, except for this editorial in the Wall Street Journal, was an


MIT study shows social distancing is a farce

MIT did a study that shows there is no difference between being 6 feet apart or 60 feet apart when dealing with COVID-19 transmission. And that's with or without a mask.

The risk of being exposed to Covid-19 indoors is as great at 60 feet as it is at 6 feet — even when wearing a mask, 


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Biden & Harris are absent from weekly COVID-19 task force meetings

The governors of all 50 states have a weekly meeting with the White House COVID task force. They've been doing this since it was formed. Seems the task of protecting America from the dreaded SARS-CoV-2 virus is taki


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“The Gestapo came again attacking the Church!”

The bravest man in all of North America stands up to the Canadian Gestapo... Again. More power to him!



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It’s time for police to stand down

After the conviction of Chauvin, the killing of Adam Toledo in Chicago, and the latest shooting by police in Columbus, Ohio I think it's clear it's time for police to stand down. I'm not saying quit or get defunded. I'm saying stand down. Do not intervene. Wait for the crime to be committed and come in for the arrest afterward. I can't see at t


Tech behemoths battle to wall off podcasting

Aside from the news up in Minnesota other things are happening in the world and what happened today that has implications for free speech. Apple announced Apple Podcast Subscriptions. The purpose is to compete with Spotify and some of the latest upstarts in the podcast space. This has free speech imp


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