For those who still think "the Deep State" is a deranged conspiracy theory invented in 2017 by Sean Hannity:

YouTube has been re-circulating a 2015 speech I gave at the Univ. of Utah at the height of the Snowden reporting. Here's what I said about secrecy and the security state:

They've added some jazzy lounge music to Bidens retreat from the Corporate News Outlets.

BREAKING: The prosecuting attorney in the Rittenhouse case just announced to the court that today is opposite day. The judge tried to stop his trick but the prosecutor anticipated this, said the same thing at the same time, and declared a jinx. The judge is now forced to remain silent until the prosecutor says his name 3 times.

One of the problems with the 1/6 defendants is so many are impoverished and can't afford lawyers, and virtually no pro bono law firms or civil liberties groups will touch them (much the way not even ACLU would represent GITMO detainees for months). So DOJ barely has resistance.

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Knight Sighting at the Southwest freedom rally at Love Field.

Hoping to keep our jobs. Great time hanging out with freedom minded folks.

Moe Factz with Adam Curry Episode number 70 - "Four Freedoms" -- Adam, Moe, Mandates.

@sunbearshaman I was just thinking of that edit as I went for dinner, kudos good sir

Jeez, so we go from HIV-AIDS to COVID-AIDS?

@kevets all of will with this bill. and this is the small bill that is mostly infrastructure they say. Maybe they can finally fill @Johncdvorak 's potholes not

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