sent this meme to my friend.. he replies.. meet me on the roofie..

omg dude.. everytime @adam does his npr impression.. holy shit haha.. and to think i used to like npr..well sometimes they were interesting.. but never felt genuine.. fucking npr XD

npr in nasadena,ca is hiring for a broadcast sound engineer. hah.. but you have to be part of this company.. thus does this company own npr? not entirely sure but check this out... they are looking for a ceo.. dude m5m is a fkn joke.. also im going to donate now and dedouche myself. you guys are the best man haha.. everyone around me is caving for a yaab too.. shiett its funna get real

Omfg dieing listening to1365 haha.. make hail hilter funny again 🤣

My kid said the word miss information today. I said no Im mr information lol

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