@kevburns strongid can be used in a variety of animals, is safe to use in young or pregnant, effective against round and hookworms, AND it tastes like banana :fgo_abiyummy: I believe you can still get strongid (pyrental/nemex) over the counter

Ah, things must be returning to normal. We’re going back to pushing the flu shot on people.

I’m sure there’s plenty of data on how the flu shot won’t interact negatively with the covid jab, riiiight? (Not that I can find, anyway)

Parasite cleansing

No pork
No sugar
Just chicken n veggies n a crap ton of lemons and alkaline water. If anyone has recommendations beyond this please chime in 🤠✌️🙏


Abc stirring up shit by playing 1921 tulsa race riot content today, making it quite obvious what outcome is best for ratings!


8 times more soldiers in Taiwan's military drills; Japan criticizes China over human rights - YouTube - NTD


I know im far from perfect... or “”normal”” but if there is no victim is there really even a crime?

When they offer you a deal, there really is no deal... dam is it too late to become a sovereign citizen? Hah

So in the 1920s there was a la time article about underground civilizations.... maybe its time to start exploring these and have a looksies for ourself. Who in LA is down? Lool

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