I know it says,

"I need all mine"

but my eyes see,

"I need a lime" 🍺

After getting spoiled by NA, most podcasts are extremely annoying with their need to level the volumes. Music and clips too loud, guests too low and not mic'd well, etc.

Meet one of my gay friends from the dance music scene... haha... if u can decode the hat though 🀣

The netflix drama is dumb.. also or stunt to stay relivant imo

"Net bangers" haha what IP bloc u from homie.. what subnet u represeting essay! 🀣

does anyone have a covid test example XD..

@kevburns cant find the full 30 minutes yet, but for now, everyone needs to go here and bump all of the positive comments about adam to the top


@Sideways @kevburns

This is true (I worked in the industry) but I'm not sure what happens when it isn't an actual "act of God" as the lingo goes. Seems like these companies are all setting themselves up for some massive lawsuits, and they don't actually have the "mandate" as law to fall back on. There had to be some protection offered to them when the Brandon admin leveraged them... Imo

does anyone have a J&J waxx card example? this lyfe is getting crazy

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