The more experienced you get at programming, the more questions you need to ask. When you know there's 8 different ways to do something, you wanna make sure you're doing it the same was as everybody else on the team so they can find it later.

someones getting married.. at the after party they will be looking for std report cards not covid vax cards...

uhh whats this, yeah the herp room is over there

lemme see your card, yeah the clap room is to the left just past that second door..


i know im a commercial edm whore for this haha

@blackcloud dude thank you for recommending that grimerica episode man. i think that was the case i feel much better... bless you son. haha 😂 👾

@kevburns Wait, isn't it

ShitPissCuntFuckCocksuckerMotherfucker and tits?

@kevburns strongid can be used in a variety of animals, is safe to use in young or pregnant, effective against round and hookworms, AND it tastes like banana :fgo_abiyummy: I believe you can still get strongid (pyrental/nemex) over the counter

Ah, things must be returning to normal. We’re going back to pushing the flu shot on people.

I’m sure there’s plenty of data on how the flu shot won’t interact negatively with the covid jab, riiiight? (Not that I can find, anyway)

Parasite cleansing

No pork
No sugar
Just chicken n veggies n a crap ton of lemons and alkaline water. If anyone has recommendations beyond this please chime in 🤠✌️🙏

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