🌞 in the morning to the and all the slaves across the Carolinas! 🌞

Charlotte's Thirsty Third Thursday Monthly Meetup returns to Ed's Tavern on May 20th at 7 p.m.!

come out and join your fellow Charlotte producers! meet the knights, dames, and other members of the peerage from across the Carolinas! douchebags welcome!

cc @alliejade @[email protected] @Benwittbrodt @billboda @Bingocrosby @bowduh @bylcameron @Haymoose @[email protected] @ncbob @robh @Robvcase

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@alliejade we miss you! 🤗

have fun at the beach though, that sounds awesome. 😎

@kcdills @alliejade @[email protected] @Benwittbrodt @Bingocrosby @bowduh @bylcameron @Haymoose @[email protected] @robh @Robvcase

Sir Kevin, thank you for your courage but unfortunately I’m gonna be a meetup douche bag again. Next month I’m gonna make it happen. Especially now that I got my first slave shot!

@billboda 🎵 douche-baaag! 🎵

haha no worries dude, i'm sure we'll catch up soon! did work require you to get the shot? just curious.

take care!

@kcdills 😂

No work didn’t require it. Me and my wife did a lot of research into it recently and just decided it was time. She’s and chiropractor and works with the public so she’s been wanting to get it to protect herself.

So far it really has been a non-event for both of us except for some mild soreness at the injection spot.

@billboda ah, i gotcha. glad to hear you're both handling it well.

hope to see one or both of you at a meetup soon! 👊

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