This account was suspended by Twitter for stating this. I sure hope some serious legal minds are working to really nail these people, including tech companies, and the CDC/FDA for what they are perpetrating. We don’t want charlatans or idiots like Giuliani, Powell, or Lin Wood. Else, the faith in the republic’s institutions are going to remain in tatters.

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I'm so glad people are finally waking up to the fact that they must not put their faith in government. Government cannot solve social and economic problems - it can only exacerbate them.

Even with the living, breathing proof of this reality screaming into your face, you reject reality.


That is a great example of how Twitter is simply awful for society.

@macspace @jurasick — Twitter is awful.

And the FDA is murderously horrific. 🤬

@jurasick reminder that no system of government works with bad actors in power
The republic's institutions are beyond salvation and have been since at least the civil war. A blank slate would be the most useful approach at this point.

As for twitter, my suggestion would be to stop trying to make commies play fair and just move to the fediverse. It does all the same stuff without being run by your enemies.

@Eiregoat I’m straddling the two worlds for the moment, trying to get some of my friends to move to my fediverse instance. Not much success perhaps because it’s invite-only.

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