CDC guidance to laboratories for cycle thresholds (Ct) for testing COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases. (One) among the many scams that this organization has perpetrated since 2020 alone. Contrast this with 37-40 in 2020. @adam is "dancing in the end zone". You could also possibly throw in a Gronk spike sir!

@jurasick fake news and debunked months ago. See my sticky toots


@thisisthebreath So this document is "fake news", specifically the specimen collection section? Is it news, fake or otherwise, to read/quote a CDC document from their own website? I am sure you are very knowledgeable in this field and have lots of experience. I must confess I have zero medical/laboratory testing knowledge barring high school dissections of frogs and cockroaches. But would say, with the greatest possible restraint, your assertion is downright insulting.

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