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Slimate Clientists and their false prognostications.

Of course, being a naysayer means one is a fool, an oil-and-gas shill, a Republican, a fascist, or worse still, a fundamentalist bigot 😀 .

“I draw the line at this [vaccine] passport business…it’s my body, my choice, I’m gonna wear a big t-shirt with big bold letters that says: not vaccinated, fuck off!” — @adam 1333

Turns out that vaccine rejection rates in the military may be higher. So what do our reps in Congress do? Try and create another document to place in front of Bo Jiden who probably doesn't even know what he is going to sign.

Piece of shit article in a piece of shit publication. Why do I care about what Fauci will do?

In the business articles like this are known generically as "Blow Jobs."

Another model-based graphic. Same as the models the consensus scientists have used for climate change.

@darrenoneill Those doctors in the roundtable discussion with Ron DeSantis (which YouTube banned) were all the most vocal of all Great Barrington Declaration signatories. And I really, really need to teach you how to pronounce "Jay Bhattacharya" 😂 .

Keeping aside the futility and stupidity of mask mandates, I have a mask-related question. What can we determine about people who shun those surgical masks (the throwaway kind that I use) and only wear the other kind (the N95? Or is it the K95?) that is fairly prevalent among some people, including Bo Jiden? Is there some deep virtue signaling going on here?

Target should stock up on old CRT TVs. Bigger, heavier, still work.

It’s utter madness. On top of lies. At what stage will citizens wake up to what is happening? That’s $100 million to be spent to assuage the feelings of a pseudo religion and its priests. These are not morons, but they are full of ignorant hubris. Or again, grifters. That’s not chump change for some people to take it in.

Should We Block the Sun? Scientists Say the Time Has Come to Study It. - The New York Times

They are slowly herding us by co-opting various organizations to do their bidding. First it was school boards and teachers unions, then employers, then colleges. We may have airlines fairly soon. Very soon, we should be seeing supermarkets and malls as well. Crush you down to the point where the options are going to be further and further limited.

@adam not knowing about the connection between Tyler Perry and Medea, and the reaction of @MoeFactz was hilarious in Show 61 of Moe Factz with Adam Curry. And Adam, thank you for planting the image that Medea looks like Samuel L Jackson dressed in drag. Now I can't get it out of my head. Is he the only major black star who has never portrayed a black woman?

No one is talking about the plight of college athletes during this “pandemic”. My son has to be tested before every game, which means virtually every week. In addition, he has been “randomly” selected for testing per college “rules”. And if he tests positive he will have to quarantine, then undergo a bunch of monitored workouts to ensure the heart and lungs are not affected. This is very tough as it affects everything, including studies.

Stay strong Gitmo Nation.
Literally everyone close to me, and almost everyone else I know, with a few exceptions, has gotten, or plans to get the Covid vax.
I said, in sort of jest, I’m in the control group. Now I’m starting to think that being in the control group might be a truly meaningful and valuable stand. Sincerely.

Thanks to Grimerica for introducing me to this site. For a brief moment, I thought they were talking about "lurid" dreams. I'm a past master of those!

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