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Slimate Clientists and their false prognostications.

Of course, being a naysayer means one is a fool, an oil-and-gas shill, a Republican, a fascist, or worse still, a fundamentalist bigot 😀 .

I guess our intrepid hosts had it pretty easy calling this year’s winner 😏. Congratulations @adam @Johncdvorak 😑

FYI, we are not related. Of course, this once again proves my point that most Indian immigrants blindly support liberals and liberal causes, are almost always Democrats, and in many cases, are the ones causing a lot of mischief in the US.

Something @ThatLARRYSHOW said in episode 361 of his show gave me an idea. Instead of POTUS, Brandon should be called PUTUS. As Larry said, Biden “put us” in a bind with fuel prices, “put us” in so much inflation, “put us” in a bind with lack of baby formula, etc., etc. ya !!

She must be a glib talker in order to achieve this status.

Moral of the story: If you “misuse” patois, SJWs will issue a fatwa.

Chet Hanks slams social justice warriors - TheBlaze

I’m surprised that he knows what and why he built this thing. Maybe they told him chocolate chocolate chip icecream was imminent.

For all his ranting and raving about Dem policies on college loan forgiveness in the Bill Maher show, I could not miss the virtue-signaling tie worn by Begala. Someone must have made a ton of money on these.

How did “Russia will be done with this war in three weeks, just like Georgia” become “it will end on May 9th”?

Letter from Roe vs Wade attorney to Clinton, triggering Slick Willie to direct the FDA to import the abortion pill. Or, so goes the story…

When people make fun of folks saying“aks” instead of ask, it reminds of a similar problem many Indians have. They find it tough to say hard disk and often end up saying “hard diks”. Thankfully, both hard disks and diks are on the wane, thanks to SSDs.

Besides sending checks, are there any other methods NA producers are using to donate? I want to completely get out of the PayPal system after their banning and subsequent backtracking of Consortium News. Can we use Fountain to do a boost? I may need some help setting up a suitable Lightning account with fiat/crypto funds. Can’t wait to dump PayPal.

Happy & proud to see this. Democracies have flaws. But the democracies we have in countries like the US or Canada tout their constitution and the rights of their citizens incessantly, yet suppress these very rights in the worst possible ways.

No restrictions on unvaccinated individuals, no one can be forced to take jab, says India’s Supreme Court

Here’s this Eric Feigl-Dingaling going on a 13-tweet rant about his warnings. For an event where the prerequisites were fully vaccinated and same-day negative test before attending.

I wonder what Lia Thomas thinks of all the Supreme Court shenanigans going on. Is there any “leakage” there?

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