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Slimate Clientists and their false prognostications.

Of course, being a naysayer means one is a fool, an oil-and-gas shill, a Republican, a fascist, or worse still, a fundamentalist bigot 😀 .

As usual (or so it seems these days), this will likely go to the Supreme Court if a lawsuit is filed and result in the Texas governor's order being shot down. States' rights, my foot! I admit knowing very little about our legal system but given the amount of tom-tomming we do about it, it is just nothing but over-hyped BS. We might as well consign it to the dustbin of history and come to terms with the fact that we are a centrally governed country.

All I heard was "What must be what?", not "My butt's been wiped". For once, Bo Jiden saved himself, according to my aging ears.

Why the heck does JCD insist it is the "naso-pharyn-x"? As far as I know, it's pronounced as indicated in this screenshot below. Nasopharynx like "rinks", not RIN X. Adam had it right at the beginning till JCD decided to "correct" him.

Read, watch, prepare to either dance in the end zone or crap in your proverbial pants.

The "Killer Vaccine" Worldwide. 7.9 Billion People - Global Research

SolarWinds has a webinar today for government and education clients titled “Zero-Trust Panel Discussion”. While I know what zero trust security is, kind of ironic they would want to emphasize that in the title. As of now, I have zero trust in SolarWinds. Seems like we’ve already started our implementation of the architecture 😀.

Officially done with Megyn Kelly’s podcast. Several reasons but I’ll list a few:
1. That interview with the UFO guy - Luis Elizondo. I have zero faith in the man. A counter-intelligence guy who was released early and infiltrated all guys of UFO forums to plant stories. Megyn was all dewy-eyed and “Oh gosh, really?!?” mode
2. Recently started an ad for a home warranty company that has screwed me over for 2 months
3. Various interviews with unabashed vaccine supporters, including Dr. Joel Zinberg

MO of the vaccine aristocrats.

Double everything. Double the lies, double the scolding, double the threats.

Beyond belief. It's like every dystopian nightmare, times 10. The only thing worse that can happen is perhaps to be thrown in real dungeons if there were any still left.

"Olympic Jail": Quarantined Dutch Athletes Demand Fresh Air

Delta, Delta, Delta is the new Russia, Russia, Russia.

I’m going to start offering classes in Hindi, Tamil, and several other Indian languages. Anyone interested? Maybe we could do a podcast?

Opinion: BART, VTA projects won't move climate-change needle.

Will Bay Area residents care to opine on this?

Here’s more on tree spiking from a time when WaPo was not a mere woke shill. @Johncdvorak


'I Have Changed My Mind And Do Not Want A Divorce From This Amazing Handsome Man,' Says Glassy-Eyed Melinda Gates After Receiving Vaccine | The Babylon Bee

We're leading very sinful lives and big pharma won't let us forget it. Remember when you take any of these next time. It's "your sin".

Population - ~126 million
COVID Infections - 850,000
COVID Fatalities - 15,000

People can do the math to figure the effects of the virus on the overall population.

Pictures from No Agenda Meet-up Mobile, Alabama on July 24th 2021: Lucas, J.W., Donald, Ambrose, Clay & Elizabeth (and their human resources) Lance & Buffy, Laura, Chad, Alex, Neal & Grace we're all in attendance. It was like a party!

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