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Slimate Clientists and their false prognostications.

Of course, being a naysayer means one is a fool, an oil-and-gas shill, a Republican, a fascist, or worse still, a fundamentalist bigot 😀 .

Interesting, the way the article makes it a point to let us know De Niro’s wife is “a Black woman”.

I see they’re talkin’ turkey now 😀.

Human head carvings and phallus-shaped pillars discovered at 11000-year-old site in Turkey

“How do you think it was in that car with Asperger’s?” — Adam
“Ah…well, he’d be rocking.” - JCD

I’ll tell you this. Those weren’t burgers coming out of his ass there! No joke!

"Get a shot in honor of Colin Powell."

Yeah, you can join him thereafter.

I shudder to think what these students are going to do when they learn that the real world doesn’t have these safe spaces. Expect a lot of sobbing and weeping.

Campus Reform | EXCLUSIVE: Staff surprised by the unfamiliar pronouns approved for campus use

JD Vance goes on the Megyn Kelly show, runs for office.
Larry Elder goes on the Megyn Kelly show, runs for office.
Adam Curry goes on the Megyn Kelly show…@adam 🤔?

Is the Bulger in Whitey Bulger pronounced as a hard “g” or like Al Sharpton’s giddy?

Part of Matt Taibbi’s great review of Schreckinger’s book - The Biden’s. Enjoy!

Why does Jen Psaki keep licking her lips? Is that what lizard people do? Somebody should tell her it’s doing no good for her.

How does Apple expect people to use full screen apps like DAWs with that stupid notch on the screen? Very stupid idea. My favorite DAW is littered with settings icons across the top. Now I’ll have to learn other ways to do it or hope the product vendor provides shortcuts like they have on their Windows version.

But, what happened to that double mutant from India???

No new Covid-19 variants, third wave threat wanes: Experts | Bengaluru News - Times of India

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