The time has come for a convention of states. This is the last peaceful option we have. I urge you to look it up if you don't know what it is and I urge you to review it if you do. It's going to take rational Americans like the ones we have here on NAS to hit people in the mouth to this legal process of government reform. We the PEOPLE control the government.


@adam If there has EVER been a time that it's time to for OTG it's NOW. IMHO the by "Our" on is going to be turned up 1000X. Time to no joke. Here is a resource I recommend. Goodluck

@johoshua @adam how do we know what messaging platform is best?
How does iMessage compare to Signal? Is it better for Apple-Apple communication and Signal better for cross platforms? What about Telegram?

@Declan11scott @johoshua @adam iMessage is exclusively apple to apple.

I'll admit to being a bit of a Synology NAS fanboi at times, but the newer series of NAS with their MailPlus service and chat service is actually nice enough that it could replace GMail and Messages for me and my clan, I just need to see if I can get the APKs installed on GraphineOS then convince my wife to let me do that to her Pixel 3a :) (or send it into

@dibiase @Declan11scott @johoshua @adam i havent looked at the mail client for a while but when i did it was just a scraper.

@dibiase @Declan11scott @johoshua @adam I was wrong. I was thinking of QNAP. but hey what is another server in the big picture.. one for porn, one for pictures, one for movies, one for Dvorak book publishing..

@johoshua @adam If for no other reason than to escape the retaliation that communists always want to reap on anyone with whom they disagree

@johoshua @adam we have mandatory contact tracing in Australia. Every single business visited we have to scan a QR code for tracking. We don't have an OTG option unless we produce our own food.

@johoshua @adam Stop with the panic please, surveillance will not go up 1000X at the 20th. Stop living in fear, it won`t do you any good.

@johoshua Protect yourself against survelliance, most definitively. But stop with the fearporn.

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