Purged my complete "Social Media" Accounts this weekend. No , No , No , No , No , No . I'm , , and

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BTW if you're using Google Play there is an alternative if you hard reset your phone ( which I did). and use the duckduckgo browser they have. Block ALL tracking.

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@johoshua Interesting. Didn't know they made a browser.

I just use #Firefox

@realcaseyrollins It's bare bones, just a browser, no bells and whistles, but definitly blocking 99.999% of trackers (it's hard to block all because of your device/browser "fingerprint")

@realcaseyrollins Has a "Fireproof" button that deletes all browsing data on the fly

@realcaseyrollins You can also have a timer to delete all data if not in use, so a timeout function to delete browser data, or set it to delete the data when you close a tab or exit

@johoshua you've got better principles than me. I can't quit YouTube because there are real television programs there that aren't political, and I want to see them and unfortunately they are married to the platform.

Maybe some day I'll cut it off.

@progo I was surprised at how much Bitchute has grown. Most of the people I followed on Youtube are there as a backup as they are practically near getting booted from Youtube anyways.

@progo Just use ad blockers and don't give them your tracking data that's where they make money from you.

@johoshua There's a new wave of banner ads trying to attack you and install malware. Everyone must use an ad blocker. I don't make a distinction between Google ads on YouTube and any other system; I install Ublock Origin and forget about it.

@progo I use Brave on my computer w/ Ghostery, AdBlockPlus, NoScript, http Secure, ect...

@progo You know what's crazy is I haven't seen an ad in over 2 years. I paid for YouTube Premium but the crap that happened this weekend in LA then my "friends" saying "I need to be put on a no hang out list" because I posted the BLM attacking the hospital was the last straw.

@johoshua sorry that happened to you. A few months ago my wife got called out for being white and for not doing enough racist affirmative action in her theater productions a few years ago.

I quit Facebook a few years ago simply because I wasn't allowed to control my feed, nor allowed to pull it from an API and attempt to control it locally.

@progo Yeah really I was keeping it to sadly watch people I thought were friends fall into the siren call of . Get ready everyone, because I'm pretty sure Civil War 2.0 is here.

@johoshua just call it "civil war". and history will place the flashpoint some time more than a month or two ago.

@johoshua @progo I lost family and friends to marxism. Sucks dude. Civil War is here in the form of information warfare

@verita84 @johoshua it's coordinated insurrection across many cities, and a few months ago a federal cop guarding a court house was killed in a drive-by shooting. (Just to name one incident.) The rioting is a deliberately planned act of war.

@progo @verita84 Here's the scary part. I heard read an email from someone VERY HIGH UP in the government that he read suggesting that all County Sheriffs prepare to activate "Non-Uniform Militia"

@progo @verita84 so that's 3,143 Sheriffs, and each County generally has 4-6 Townships, which I think would be the Command/Control Structure at the County Level.

@johoshua somewhere on my todo list is to do that in Mastodon. At least nothing is preventing me from doing it. I want feed buckets and auto-sorting, probably involving email-style Bayesian filtering. And FFS I want read/unread flags.

@johoshua Welcome to Level 1 of the True Internet (tm). Level 2: set up your own email server. Level 3: Get your HAM license (Wait! How did that get on the list!?!)

@neanderthalsnavel LOL I was actually looking @ handheld HAM radios last night and just waiting to get a Helm whenever they build more.

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