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Mentioning the "Dunning-Kruger Effect" in an attempt to prove oneself as more knowledgable than other fools who think they know more about something than they actually do is an act of recursion.

Today’s Japanese vocabulary word is:

鋳物 [いもの (imono)]

Scott Adams' observation summarized:

Russian "Collusion" theory was the only thing holding together people's sense of self if they voted against the president. These are the people who need a reason why their side was so wrong. The Russian Interference part appears real, but it didn't make a significant difference in the election.

Enter Facebook... They are going to start blaming Facebook and Social Media. Watch the Russia thing shrink because the Facebook thing is growing.

Mike Ash knows his stuff about OS X and iOS programming.

This talk on "Exploring Swift memory layout" is good.

I was wondering what happened to FPSRussia. Damn, Felony drug offense in 2017. Drugs delivered to his post office box for his business?

Sounds like someone was either stupid, or was framed?

Law enforcement profilers hunting for the Austin bomber should hire someone very familiar with the Unibomber Manifesto to help understand the mentality of the bomber. Is there anyone local there who fits the bill?

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US man used his gamer skills to survive samurai sword attack by jealous girlfriend.



Serpentza on "Are Chinese cars getting better or not?"

Pareto Principle as applied inversely to software development:

20% of total time actually implementing / fixing something new is achievable only at the expense of 80% of the time learning how to do something new.

I wonder how many of the same students and teachers who participated in the march against the 2nd Amendment can also be correlated to having advocated for Antifa style violence against anyone with unapproved speech?

Nassim Taleb interviewed on Ron Paul Liberty Report. Good insights on Syria and dishonest media reporting, and generally Talebian ideas on "Skin in the Game"

Ode To Sargon

(youtube secret propaganda in the video ID hash)

Slacker producers didn’t grab this domain:

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Kudlow: "I would buy the dollar and sell gold"

"Today is March 14th, or Pi Day because 3.14 is March 14th rendered in date format. A better way to celebrate the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter is July 22nd, or 22/7 written in day/month order, an approximation of pi that’s been used for thousands of years and is a better fit than 3.14. Celebrating Pi Day on July 22nd also has the advantage of eschewing middle-endian date formatting.

But Pi Day is wrong. We should be celebrating Tau Day, "

Well NAShow people, supposing it were true that Trump's election was 4D chess to fight the CIA controlled Deep State, I think we have to concede the effort has failed with the appointment of Pompeo and Haspel.

At least we got to enjoy the trolling of the Left while it lasted.

"The True Liberals actually need to be opposed to Social Justice first. Because they are currently undermining everything the Left does. There is no way of doing anything while these people are busy f*cking up Left Wing Politics"

- Sargon of Akkad

TimCast delivers No Agenda style Media Analysis with insight not yet mentioned on the show:

News Organizations such as Newsweek, struggle for cash; do anything to meet their numbers.

This includes ad-fraud, but also hiring younger, lower quality, ideologically motivated journalists, without the traditional journalistic commitment to neutral reporting.

These young inexperienced journalists generate the click bait style reports that brings in ad click revenue.