If you like philosophy, this is fun to watch.

Not saying these guys are AnCaps by philosophy, but they created an organic force for defense of home & family. Apparently they have been effective behind enemy lines while the government was gone.

Then they watch who vanished at the start of the conflict, return to the area after it is already secure, & get paid high salaries & awarded medals of Heroism (for running away.)

Rage on Behalf of the Machine gets covered by People’s Military Orchestra

(FactCheckedTrue based on the “humor value of truth” principle.)

I went to a restaurant called “Kiev” in with friends.

I asked the looking おばちゃん waitress if they had beer. She said they had Russian beer “Baltika”

I said I don’t want to support . (Sorry, jackass comment)

She said things on the menu were not clearly divided between Russian and Ukrainian…

The おばーさん Japanese looking head waitress came to our table & said she is the owner & she has Russian staff and that we were rude, Russia & Ukraine are the same…

A Vision of A Country.

The Fifth-Project for Ukraine.

is battling for its life while the battle of ideas takes place in the shadow.

see also the comments for counter balance.

We’ve heard talk of something called the “,” which the is said to have created a perfect opportunity to implement. Some have dismissed the very idea as (what else?) a “.” joins Tom Woods to sort it all out.


is a former and author of "Deep Undercover: My Secret Life and Tangled Allegiances as a KGB Spy in "

Noteworthy for listeners, Barsky expresses his opinion that was a fraud.

(unfortunately) from my daughter of the existence of the portmanteau “Badussy”

..first commercial sand-based thermal storage system operating in ..

Polar Night Energy’s system, based on.. patented tech.., has gone site of a power plant operated by utility Vatajankoski.

The 4×7 metre steel container contains ..tonnes of sand which can be heated to a temperature of 500-600 degrees Celsius. The sand is heated with electricity and stored for use in the local district heating system.

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