Natural shaped sharpening stones (for woodworking tools and knives) for sale in a specialty store in Teramachi mall, Kyoto, Japan

#Duterte's appeasement of #China is looked on unfavorably by 80% of people in the #Philippines, and following #SouthChinaSea scuffles and Beijing's failure to deliver on investment pledges, the president himself may be reconsidering his China policy #asi…

The things you can buy in the basement food market of a department store in Kagoshima city, Kagoshima, Japan.

The Japanese have a superstition that eating eel and umeboshi together will give you an upset stomach.

I’m in Yamanashi (near Mount Fuji) in a cabin and my friend just ate garlic with umeboshi sauce, and drank plum wine, together with eel and promptly got sick. I ate and drank same but I’m ok.

A request to the community:

In the morning

I'm looking at editing together a "Producer's choice best of" show for @adam and @Johncdvorak

I need your help. Let me know the time code and episode number of any bits, with a brief description, and I'll look at putting a couple of shows together for the up and coming breaks our guys will need

Maybe use as a hashtag....or not...we're grown ups and probably shouldn't

Please boost and tell your friends

Thank you for your courage

Daughter #2 and I sit in a tiny side street sushi bar, in rural suburb of Tokyo. Our Airbnb host said it’s β€œsuper local”

We strike up a conversation in Japanese with an elderly lady after her 2 friends left, covering many topics & eventually arrived at her question : β€œWhy did Trump win?” I gave a standard answer : blue collar and rural folk vs Lefty urban voters + Hillary corruption.

Old lady asks: β€œWhat about that group”, and she draws a triangle in the air...

NAShow Producers.

I'm sitting at a Terminal Gate in San Jose City International Airport, waiting for the flight on which I will accompany daughter #2 to check in to her dorm and college in Tokyo!

I shall be listening to the sunday show on the plane.

Now time for some sketch .

I like to think of this as an allegory. The blue shirted manager represents those afraid of . The black shirted guy is the M5M, and the yellow shirt guy is a listener to the (The No agenda Show)

Engineer & Woodworker & YouTuber made a video about how he lost money when he did , maybe (he speculates) because when his fans saw he has a sponsor, they stopped buying his plans thinking they don't need to support him.


absolutely doesn't understand the definition of .

While critiquing some of the live chat commenters on his Periscope as having said "the dumbest thing ever on his periscope" Scott was in fact the person saying the dumbest thing ever on this .

Still a fan.

covers debacle.

Unfortunately Tim displays some serious ignorance about β€œfar left alternative social network β€˜mastodon’”

At least he makes his usual plea for more open minded tolerance of differing opinions.

Behold the Sili Valley viewed from a horse trail in Saratoga.

In more idyllic times 100 years ago it would have been fruit orchards as far as you can see.

One of the best and longest growing seasons in the world, though often short on water.

The name β€œApple” for a computer company in Cupertino was very appropriate. 🍎 πŸ‘ πŸ’

Just got a call from AT&T with computer voice saying my account was deactivated and I need to call (presumably to give payment info.)

I don’t use AT&T...

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