"If you build 5G Network, the smartphone goes away. You no longer need a phone. The world is wired around you. You walk out the hotel today & you say "I want an Uber." A camera picks up your face, knows who you are, has facial recognition, reads your lips or a microphone picks up your voice. Uber shows up, you get in and it bills you. Then all of a sudden, (after you tweet something negative about Chinese Communist Party...) - Uber no longer shows up..."

- Gen. Robert Spalding


Here's picture of side gate with giant posts in it. Bought these posts (already dried and cut) at Bamboo Giant. @aighead

**Zimmerman's Law:**

"The natural flow of technology tends to move in the direction of making easier, and the ability of computers to track us doubles every eighteen months"


The Great Delusion: Liberal Dreams and International Realities

A talk by John Mearsheimer.

Wow. This talk may help clarify everything that happened in the last 18 years.

(When he says with regard to an aggressive , please read that as )

@adam @OhVinnie


I also cast a skeptical eye on Hillsdale College, as , but people who speak here have more influence on than the that I like.

Roger W. Robinson on and

also mentioned


is often too much of a for me, but I like some of the other things he talks about.

Also I read his book "A War Like No Other" about the Peloponnesian War which was very good.


covers similar territory as : China Demographics.

The end of the video strikes an optimistic tone, that seems to me to have too much confidence in the ability of governments to do anything (other than corruption) very well.

Ok well, I didnโ€™t leave yetโ€ฆ TFW you go to ๅนธใ›ใฎใƒ‘ใƒณใ‚ฑใƒผใ‚ญ in for the first time and your phone is already connected to the WiFiโ€ฆ


This about sums it up. Regime legitimacy was questionable before any of this happened. Now, in the aftermathโ€ฆ


Akira Yoshino shared this year's Prize in Chemistry with American scientist John Goodenough and Britain's Stanley Whittingham. They were recognized for their roles in the development of the lithium-ion battery, an innovation that paved the way for wireless electronics.

Postponing return to as the announced service stoppage on Saturday. Managed to extend my airbnb 1 more day in , I may extend an additional day.

Setting up a new business in seems to be still on track, and so I'll probably be returning here next week.

Iโ€™m in so here are the obligatory temple scenery pix. I may end up living walking distance from here.

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