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If you're not convinced, "aliens" teach anti-Christian theology during abductions and Christians don't get abducted unless they give permission.

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Need more info on vasectomies being billed as a youth mechanism. Thankfully, I just got mine reversed. @Johncdvorak

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Which do you claim?

Comment your denomination or sect.

Please pass along.

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David Knight is back. Alex Jones fired him and its taken 3 months to get ownership of the stream.

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The David Knight Show provides three (3) straight hours of insightful analysis of current events every Monday-Friday (with no commercials).

Here are all of the places where you can find it:

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Talk-Show Host David Knight is one of the best analysts around in dissecting what is really occurring in the United States and in the world.

His show/podcast is called “The David Knight Show.” It is live for 3-hours every Monday-Friday beginning at 9:00 (Eastern) on DLive, Trovo, and Twitter/Periscope. His rebroadcasts can be heard on many different platforms.

You can also follow him on Gab @DavidKnightShow; and on Twitter and Parler @libertytarian.

For info, go to

Self host your own Nextcloud instance with and a Raspberry Pi. Easy peasy!

stimmy check paying for vasectomy reversal thanks boe jiden gonna have 10 extremist Christian kids

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