(20) Cygnus on Twitter: "Humanity reverts to Baal worship. Birmingham England 2022 Commonwealth Opening Ceremony t.co/PpaFcifrn3" / Twitter


I have mentioned this before THIS is the BeeLink machine we are discussing. amazon.com/dp/B09ZLF6HP6?psc=1

the price fluctuates from 169-219 or so and the coupon fluctuates too.

Tedros says he’s not jabbed because he’s waiting for the “poooor” in Africa to get it first. Doesn’t remember his own lies and fake photo-op from 2021.

The U.S. made a breakthrough battery discovery — then gave the technology to China

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China Summons US Ambassador Overnight, Says Washington "Must Pay The Price"

Please China, blow up Pelosi. Nobody needs her.


This guys China analysis is loaded with unique perspective. Always worth a watch.


White privilege? This is a year old, but hilarious. Idiot Keystone Kops vs ATF.


Douchebag report: The Hill and Kim Iversen quitting over "rigged" Fauci interview. Classic.


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