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BREAKING: E.U. Medical Regulators Now Warn "Repeated #COVID Boosters" Could Impair Your bodies Immune Response & Cause A System "Overload"

Biden now ad-libbing unscripted, and he is unravelling//he's is going 20 more minutes, who knows why

Does someone have a list of the 17 Nobel Laureates that Biden keeps citing?

Biden's habit of answering a question followed by saying "number one" after the first sentence. This is followed by saying, "number two" then rambling on and on -- is annoying.

Biden looks up reporter on a list then calls on them, then the reporter reads a question off a sheet. Obviously rigged.

He still has trouble answering a scripted question with his own scripted answer.

Biden speech..he's answering questions by reading off his binder of answers..cripes

And he can barely read it seems.

it should be noted that this is from June 2020 and seems to have been continuing here and there around the country. Not sure why the reporting is so lame. Not newsworthy?

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Here is Chicago...part of the supply chain problem...this seems to be happening all over the country with NO REPORTING by the M5M. Only the Los Angeles looting has been discussed.


And can anyone identify the music played while on hold. It's a classical ditty that follows the squeaky-voiced guy saying "your call is very important to us, please stay on the line."

I just got a call from "Amazon" about a bought iPhone 11 and whether I made this purchase. This particular scam comes around weekly along with the credit card zero interest scam and my car warranty. I'm putting together a definitive list of these scams. DO you have one to report?

Photoshop Dept. The problem with doing something like the attached photo is that it's obvious that this is NOT a young Michelle but an old Michelle shopped to look butch and mannish. But it is still an older Michelle.

Yikes Ronald McDonald House in BC kicking out the kids. No vax, no charity.

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