Well I got a laugh out of this.

Dude just walks, in grabs the vaxelline vial, trades his mask for it, and walks out.

Canadians are a hoot. In the l;ate 1800's they even had a FOUR dollar bill. Why??

NO...Jill may in the picture but Joe Biden is Photoshopped in. Too many errors to mention besides focus, size of body, shoe, etc.

Wasn't sure if 'spandex granny' was a reference I should know, googled it. Many regrets. @Johncdvorak

WORLD'S GREATEST COVID SURVIVOR !!! is LIVE... more options are on the way but shirts and mugs are available now. We loved this design by @Tante_Neel combining @adam & @Johncdvorak comments about covid survivor + worlds greatest dad merch on epidode 1339 of the !!!

Harshing on Bill Gates. Good one.

Gates seems oblivious to all this.

Aaron Rodgers football prediction. This charade was planned and executed by Bill Belichick -- hence his preloading the team with weapons Rodgers can use. The second suitor would be Denver, but I'm leaning towards the Patriots. Put it in the book. Nobody in Sports Talk has yet to suggest this.

They say that CNN is a stooge for the White House and the Democrats. They do not even try to hide it. Here is Jim Acosta sending out a White House press release. They do not even pretend to be objective or unbiased any more. Wow.

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It’s The Oscars tonight! I wasn’t invited. Was it something I said? 😂

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