@jlarky shops bars and restaurants are not open like the article says.

Shops are limited to the amount of people inside, bars are closed and restaurants can only serve take out or outside seating.

Most people only do the test because you can't leave your house without one or go to work without one.

Most Slovaks think the PM is an idiot in his handling of the crisis.

@SirSeanofSlovakia do you read Russian by any chance? This is how I saw it reported in Russian

Страны всего мира предпринимают разные меры по сдерживанию новой волны коронавируса: у кого-то это получается сделать грамотно и эффективно с учетом новых особенностей лечения и диагностики, а кто-то продолжает прибегать к старым добрым локдаунам.

Так, например, Словакия решила пойти по довольно новаторскому пути, развернув массовое тестирование своих граждан.

Rest on the pastebin.com/FG9CbvHY

@SirSeanofSlovakia you might try giving Google translate a try :) but it mentions that you can either self isolate or you have to have test done to go outside :)

@jlarky @adam yes and citizens who refuse the "voluntary!" testing are not allowed to workplace since last Monday. Only people with blue certificate from voluntary testing are allowed to enter. It is complete insanity there. govt intends to extend the emergency (whatever they have) so citizens may not ever get to work. Lawsuits to #ICC are being filed, justice system was completely disabled in #Slovakia. tests are not even certified in #EU nor K, It's #NurembergCode violation and #Genocide

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