@adam "Most students preferred an adapted oath to the original. Increased student knowledge of the original oath’s contents, including reference to euthanasia/abortion, significantly correlated with decreased desire to use it."


youtu.be/ZOAZlCvNC_0?t=569 @adam please clip few seconds out of here in case if John drinks his pabst blue ribbon :)

vm.tiktok.com/ZMdbFqBjR/ woke TikTok is not for chimera and gain of function research

I was busy and was overboard for two months. You know what happened? I just got my shot.

Remember Negative campaigning? It became negative realities. Instead of pointing out one bad thing about candidate, now you either believe that one side is literally devil or you believe that the other is.

@adam Definitely second half of the show, possible end of show ISO. youtu.be/bvkc0tz4P2M?t=209 3:29-3:50

Also at 4:08 March/April is set to be end of old normal :)

p.s. this is duplicate from twitter, but I already deleted it there

@Johncdvorak @adam 16:02 good jumping point, it mentions both elections and pope
9:00 baby farms
13:15 new cycle has begun with covid

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@Johncdvorak @adam now that you are planning Alex Jones and signals from aliens, can I send you this link? audio.kryon.com/en/SS-SAT-1.mp (theremin required) it was channeled on Oct 10, so before elections

@adam unfortunately, anything audio/video on this topic is in Russian on Ukrainian

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Sh*t :) I did it wrong :) he talked to Moon Jae-in

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