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Sh*t :) I did it wrong :) he talked to Moon Jae-in

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Imagine that just after 5 years since the first black president left the office we would have the first black woman as the president?!

Unfortunately, both of them believe in raising all boats, but I think no one is going to even remember that Trump guy and all that he did for the black community specifically.

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The secret behind Biden's success compared to Hillary? He didn't believe the polls and not only cheated on primaries but also on the election itself.

you know what? I think comparing 2016 to 2020 I kind of started to believe in Russian interference. Because Putin really hates Hillary and doesn't care about Biden that much. So this year Trump is on his own.

@adam I was almost going to skip after show jingles in 960. I didn't and it was best decision in my life exclamation point.

@adam I learned a new word --- scientism :) from "The Philosophy of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Wisecrack Edition"
youtu.be/Y8uh9eIBGmE noagendasocial.com/media/ACYd3

@adam I recommend watching the movie The Thinning. It's cheap/bad production, but the message is clear. Kids are scared to live on this planet because of the global warming and overpopulation and are ready to literally die to make Earth happy again. It has too many plot holes and inconsistencies, but I learned so much from it. The part that I liked from the end with the media was my favorite, the same reporter leaks the news that makes the guy look bad, and then declares that nothing to see here

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- let's take a question from the crowd, yes, SJW in red
- did you just assume the color of my t-shirt?

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