The welfare of The People is the alibi of tyrants. — Albert Camus

Just the other day, an intelligent and well-educated person told me that “if only people had worn masks and socially distanced, this would be over by now.”

This kind of disconnect from reality is stunning. I just smiled and nodded because I really had no idea how to respond. I hate that feeling but I fear I will continue to experience it more as time goes on.

I’ve noticed the past two shows that John and Adam have had a bit of a tif before the first break. And then John has said “in the morning to you” rather than “in the morning to you, Mr. Adam Curry.” Is there something we don’t know? Is this a hint, like Paul not wearing shoes on the cover of Abbey Road? 😱

The real election fraud was COVID.

The engineered destruction of the economy wrecked Trump’s image with low-info voters.

The media-generated fear justified widespread mail-in voting, making it easy for malleable low-info voters to vote when they ordinarily wouldn’t bother.

The best part of doing it this way is there’s no effective response. Biden really did “win.” They didn’t manipulate the votes themselves—they manipulated the voting environment.

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