"I promise to do no work except some toe and finger painting."

Hunter Biden
for President

"He's on CRACK. He'll issue 0% executive orders. He'll be busy doing this."

"He said that Chun was administered with the Pfizer vaccine, but the exact date of inoculation is unknown."


"Min Jeong-ki, Chun's former presidential secretary, raised speculation that he may have developed the disease as a side effect of the coronavirus vaccine, which could have been the cause of his death."

SECOND PAGE of the Korea Times.

Just so you know, this guy was a late 70's early 80's military dictator here in Korea. He was responsible for the Gwangju Protest Massacre in 1980.

But WHAT do we have here in the country's NATIONAL English language newspaper?

Aide claims Chun Doo-hwan died due to abnormal reaction to vaccination

I can always count on No Agenda Social, not only for excellent info, but ALSO at least one big laugh of the day!

The fight is much stronger for those who have children. Those of us without are in large part spectators.

"They" will incrementally push society in the direction in which they want it to go. It's up to those with children to teach them better.

And beware of 2022. Beware of fake victories in the form of what's promised to be delivered, and what's actually delivered.

I see the Solomon island main city as the future for the next few years.

Chris Christie aims to shape future for GOP and for himself

It will be a fat future. It might even illegally close bridges.

"We're stealing it all, and killing the pests who were originally here, RIGHT on schedule!"

Israeli president celebrates Hanukkah at West Bank site

Are you SURPRISED to see this in the "article"?

"In the same way as Adolf Hitler and the Axis powers..."

Time For Europe To Stand Up To Iran's Atrocities

Uh... CLOSE... but not quite right. Let's make it accurate.

ARTICLE [edit]:
Time For Europe To Stand Up To Israel's Atrocities

It's so funny... when you set in your mind "omicron" as "moronic," you can NOT see it in any other way.

I see "moronic" everywhere in these headlines.

On THAT note... I want to be crass...part two.

When the Insane Clown Posse and Jerky Boys collaborated.

On THAT note... I want to be crass...part one.

When the Insane Clown Posse and Jerky Boys collaborated.

Starting with omnicron... ALL variants need to be designated "moronic."

The next Moronic Variant, after the Moronic Ass Variant, might be called the Moronic Boolshite Variant.

NA Social has aptly named omnicron. Someone here found that it's an anagram for "moronic."

Spread the word... HENCEFORTH... all new variants shall be called "moronic" variant.

To properly name which moronic variant we're talking about, I suggest adding a dopey a-b-c-d letter afterward.

Since this is the FIRST moronic variant... I propose the Moronic Ass variant.

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