Would you join a NA fantasy football league on sleeper if I started one? Don't be a dick, boost

So Adam and John are saying that Trump knew the "raid" was coming and just announced it so he looked like a victim. Couldn't the FBI just say "he knew we were coming...we told him" and make him look stupid? Or did someone in the FBI leak it to trump that they were coming?

Megyn Kellys dislike of Alex Jones is uncomfortable....it's weird

@thisisthebreath if you are willing click below to see his viewpoint...


I'm kind of melding you (& others) here in NA Social with some folks (who are also reading this forum thread) in a joint called ForestryForum.com good people doing interesting things with trees & lumber. You can be a know nothing, like me, & still participate & learn and talk to people. I stayed at a guy's house from there, for a few days in an rv, without ever meeting him and it was great.

Another Covid case at daycare. 3rd this year. 3rd week we will have the kid home and still have to pay our $350 for the right to daycare.
Loving life.

Climate protesters fucking with Le Tour de France. Damn mofos.

By the sounds of it: it is a pretty lame EO. It just says states can't stop people from crossing borders to get abortion (no shit) and there is something in there about education.

Did anyone listen to RUTHLESS podcast with Chris Christie? it was friggen hilarious.

So any big take aways from the kangaroo court last night?

The only purpose of this is to make it so Trump can't run again, right? They realize Desantis will smoke their asses.... right?

Trump should do a pay-per-view on the J6 hearing watch party where we could see what his thoughts are in real time. Haha.

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