There are 3 millions farmers in the USA out of 330-360 million folks so that is 1% feeding everyone.

The average age of a US farmer is 58 and climbing every year. 56.6% of the principal operators have Ag sales under $10K 75.5% have Ag sales under $50K

The fertilizer shortage is gonna crush the small farmer.


@Klaatu won't effect organic farmers.

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@jeremiah hopefully the Organics will get by. I've also heard that a good number of farmers are starting to look at extracting the methane from manure instead of using it as fertilizer in the field. Not sure if they could compress it enough to power a tractor but it could at least help heat their house in winter.

@Klaatu usually they need heat for the barns and watering systems. You can get all the heat you need with "earth tubes" ( )

Energy and inputs are the bitch -- an organic farm is at least in relationship with other organic farms to satisfy those inputs, whereas chemical ag's inputs depend on globohomo.

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